1870 "Ramsgill Estate" Abstract of the Title of the Devisees in trust and Exo'rs under the Will of Thos. Rushworth dec'ed to an Estate called "Ramsgill" situated in the Parishes of Ilkley and Addingham in the West Riding of the Co'y of York.

[This is a summary of information extracted by Edward Rushworth in 1998 from a photocopy of the original Title Deeds by courtesy of Kate Mason of Addingham.]

On 25 Apr 1733 Thomas Rishworth "the younger" "yeoman of Addingham Moorside" purchased "Ramsgill" for £580 from John Thornton, farmer of East Morton at Bingley, late in the tenure of widow Atkinson, and previously owned by Richard Crawshaw (who died intestate), then sold to John Thornton & William Holford, subsequently all conveyed to John Thornton who also owned "Woodhouse".

Thomas Rishworth died "inteste" on 14 Sep 1771 , "Ramsgill" then passing on 11 Sep 1771 to his only son John Rishworth , yeoman .

Will of John Rushworth of "Woodhouse" recorded on 21 Jan 1811, and proved on 10 May 1820 after his death on an unspecified date . He had a daughter Anne , but "Ramsgill" passed on to his son Thomas Rushworth.

On 3 Apr 1848 an "indenture" [mortgage contract] was made on Ramsgill to John Settle of Skipton for a loan of £440 to Thomas Rushworth.

On 16 Apr 1859 John Settle having died on 9 July 1857, the indenture on Ramsgill Estate passed via Henry Holt, Richard Southall and Reuben Stansfield, on to John Locking with an additional payment of £40 to Thomas Rushworth.

On 24 Jan 1861 the indenture of £480 was unable to be repaid by Thos Rushworth on demand so it was transferred to Elizabeth Batty, widow of Stainforth who lent Thos. Rushworth a further £5.

On 14 Feb 1866, Elizabeth (Betty) Batty having died on 5 Jan 1865, the indenture rights passed to James Gorman, yeoman of Studfold at Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

On 30 Aug 1866 Probate of the Will of Thos. Rushworth was recorded with his executors being his friends John Hawksworth, butcher of Ilkley, and Lister Wall, corn dealer of Addingham.

On 15 Dec 1869 a Codicil to the Will was recorded after the death of one of his daughters.

Thomas died on 22 Dec 1869 . [The "Ilkley Gazette" of Thursday December 30th 1869 has the death entry "Rushworth - on 22nd inst, in the 91st year of his age, Thomas Rushworth, farmer of Ramsgill", and a notice entry "Thomas Rushworth, deceased. All persons indebted to, and all persons having any claims on the Estate of the said deceased, are requested to send full paticulars of such debts due or owing, to J.J. Moser, Solicitor to the Exectutors of the late Thomas Rushworth".

On 1 Feb 1870 the £494 and 14/- owing to James Gornall was paid off by the executors.

On 8 May 1870 the executors sold the Ramsgill Estate to Harry Greenwood.

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