9. George RUSHFORTH was buried on 21 Nov 1747 in Ilkley Parish Church.

He was married to Anna or Ann BAYNS on 11 Jun 1699 in Ilkley. Anna or Ann BAYNS was buried on 5 Jul 1754 in Ilkley [Widow]. George RUSHFORTH and Anna or Ann BAYNS had the following children:

child19 i. Christopher RUSHFORTH was christened on 20 Mar 1700 in Ilkley. He was buried on 16 Jan 1706 in Ilkley.
child20 ii. Mary \ Maria RISHWORTH was christened on 20 Dec 1701 in Ilkley.
child21 iii. William RUSHFORTH was christened on 19 Dec 1703 in Ilkley. He was buried on 28 Oct 1706 in Ilkley.
child+22 iv. Lucy RISHWORTH.
child+23 v. Anne RUSHFORTH.
child+24 vi. George, junior RUSHFORTH.
child25 vii. John RUSHFORTH was christened on 24 May 1711 in Ilkley.
child26 viii. Thomas RISHFORTH was born on 25 Feb 1712 in Ilkley.
child27 ix. Mauger RISHFORTH was christened on 9 May 1715 in Ilkley.
child28 x. William RISHFORTH was christened on 10 Mar 1716 in Ilkley. He was buried on 28 Feb 1727 in Ilkley.

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