Lees & West Lane Methodist Chapels, Haworth.

Rushworth and similar entries.

These entries were kindly recorded by Joyce Fothergill of Keighley.

Lees Methodist Chapel near Haworth - memorial inscriptions.

March 24th 1927 John Wm Rushworth of New Road Side 80yr
April 29th ?01 Sarah Rushworth his wife 85yr
? ? 1873 Annie their daughter 5yr
? ? 1879 George their son 3yr

West Lane Methodist Chapel, Haworth - memorial inscriptions.

May 29th 1888 Joseph Ackroyd 60yr
July 12th 1894 Mary Ackroyd his wife 61yr
Dec 8th 1911 Emma Ackroyd his daughter 50yr
Nov 27th 1913 Florence Ackroyd his grandaughter 22yr
April 1st 1947 Nanny Ackroyd his daughter 74yr
April 6th 1933 Fred Rushworth 77yr
July 26th 1946 Jane Rushworth his wife 77yr
Sep 29th 1916 Frederick Arthur Rushworth, 6th Batt West Yorks, son of Fred & Jane, missing in France
June 21st 1959 Edith wife of Lloyd Booth & sister of Frederick Arthur 66yr

May 13th 1938 George Rushworth of Greenlee, J.P. 30yrs a councillor, 76yr
Dec 29th 1952 Mary Rushworth his wife 88yr
July 25th 1968 Arnold Newman Rushworth 77yr
June 2nd 1983 Doris his wife

Oct 27th 1905 Samual Rushworth of Pickles Hill 59yr
Oct 7th 1913 Betty Rushworth his wife 68yr
Nov 9th 1901 Alan Rushworth Pickles, son of Arthur & Clara of West Lane 4yr
June 15 1949 Arthur Pickles 77yr
Dec 14th 1950 ...... 80yr

Feb 13th 1902 John Albert Rushworth of Haworth 29yr
Nov 1st 1905 Rebecca his sister 48yr

Sept 23rd 1882 Joseph Rushworth 55yr
July 9th 1903 Mary Smith his sister born Feb 13th 1923 [year error?]

Aug 10th 1862 John Rushworth 51yr
Nov 28 1871 Ann Rushworth his widow 62yr
Jan 26th 1862 George Rushworth his son 21yr
also 6 infants
Feb 18th 1856 Nathan Midgley 60yr

Sept 22nd 1931 James Rushworth of Fishmount Place 71yr
July 3rd 1933 Sarah his wife 72yr
May 20th 1942 Norman his son 51yr

Sept 10th 1857 Abraham Rushworth of Haworth 77yr
Oct 6th 1856 Susan Rushworth his wife 75yr
March 14th 1858 Robinson Rushworth son of John & Martha 25yr

Feb 17th 1896 John Wm Rushworth of Belle Isle 47yr
Feb 9th 1930 Elizabeth Rushworth his wife 76yr
Jan 24th 1884 Clara Rushworth his daughter 10 months

Feb 20 1889 William Rushworth of Belle Isle born July 16th 1817
Dec 16th 1886 Ellen Rushworth his wife born April 23rd 1817
? ? 1838 Susannah Rushworth his daughter born July 26th 1838
Nov 8 1854 Edward Rushworth his son born Nov 27th 1845
March 10th 1891 Zillah Rushworth his daughter born Nov 16th 1840

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