Denholme & Leeming

Rushworth memorial inscriptions.

These entries were kindly recorded by Joyce Fothergill of Keighley.

St Pauls Church Denholme.

? ? 1879 Hannah wife of Robert Rushworth of Denholme
? ? ? Arthur infant son
May 26 ? Robert [stone perished]

Feb 7th 1896 Jonas Rushworth of Old Fort, Denholme 75yr
July 1st 1917 Emma Foster wife of William of Old Fort, Denholme Gate 67yr
May 4th 1926 Wallace Foster their son and husband of Ada

Dec 26th 1909 Martha Rushworth of Denholme 68yr
Oct 19th 1911 Ann Whitaker wife of Aaron & sister of Martha 75yr

Nov 21st 1883 Jonas Rushworth of Well Head 64yr
June 11th 1899 Sarah Rushworth his wife 78yr
Dec 17th 1908 Wm Crabtree 68yr
May 13th 1920 Eliza crabtree his widow 74yr

Nov 30 1853 William Rushworth 26yr
Dec 6th 1850 Feargus Rushworth son of William & Betty 1 month
June 14th 1852 Mary Rushworth their daughter 23 days
Sept 27th 1852 John their son 3yr or 9yr

June 18 1859 James Hartley of Thornton 29yr
Dec 11th 1869 William Rushworth 42yr
Aug 25 1893 Elizabeth Rushworth wife of William 64yr
Dec 26th 1863 Walter Rushworth son of William 7 months

Denholme Clough Methodists.

Aug 31st 1925 George Rushworth of Denholme Gate 73yr
April 1st 1917 Sarah Rushworth his wife 66yr

Sept 16th 1906 Clara Rushworth wife of Herburt born Jan 8th 1873
Jan 10th 1932 Mary Rushworth wife of John 83yr
Feb 5th 1934 John Rushworth 83yr
May 12th 1934 Herbert his son 61yr
Aug 26th 1946 Lily Rushworth his wife 74yr

Dec 10th 1908 Pricilla Rushworth 60yr
Oct 2nd 1920 Wright Rushworth born March 22nd 1856
Sept 11th 1922 Alice his widow 57yr

July 12th 1936 Craven Rushworth of Foreside Bottom born March 6th 1853
March 20th 1904 Jane Rushworth his wife born Sept 16th 1849
March 26th 1894 Mary Jane Rushworth his daughter born May 17th 1874

July 15th 1881 John Rushworth 64yr
July 30th 1884 Sarah Rushworth 67yr
Feb 20th 1881 Mary Jane Rushworth 20yr

Denholme Wesleyan Cemetery.

Nov 24th 1859 David Rushworth son of Joseph & Mary of Denholme 8yr
July 17th 1880 Joseph Rushworth of Denholme 58yr
Sept 1 1881 Mary Rushworth his daughter 31yr
Feb 16th 1914 Mary A Rushworth his wife 88yr
? ? 1918 Nora dau of Thomas Booth & Maud Clapham 7 weeks
? ? 1919 Hilda Mary dau of ? 7yr
Feb 9th 1938 Thomas Booth Clapham ?yr

Denholme Independent Chapel.

Feb 28 1896 Ernest Rushworth of Denholme born Jan 25th 1870
Aug 3rd 1906 Ernest Rushworth son of Joseph & Nellie 4yrs
March 7th 1914 Sabella Rushworth wife of James born Aug 14th 1838
May 6th 1921 Lavelot? Rushworth their son 55yr
Jan 28 1930 James Rushworth 94yr
Jan 11th 1935 Edwin Rushworth their? son 69yr
March 16 1941 Sarah Rushworth 76yr
July 1st 1892 Edwina Rushworth her daughter 30yr

Harkinstone Baptist Cemetery, Leeming, Oxenhope.

June 11th 1877 Thomas Rushworth of Keighley 34yr
Dec 9th 1900 Abigail Rushworth his widow 56yr
July 16th 1873 Ephraim Rushworth his son 12 months

Leeming Bottom Cemetery.

Sept 2nd 1854 Jacob Drake son of Ruben & Rebecca of Bank Nook 6yr
Oct 4th 1857 Rueben Drake 41yr
Aug 14th 1864 Yates Drake their son 11yr
Oct 23rd 1889 Rebecca Rushworth wife of John of Bank Nook 67yr

July 10th 1905 Joseph Rushworth of Back Leeming 88yr
April 16 1904 Mary Rushworth his daughter 63yr

Feb 16th 1862 William Rushworth son of Yates & Hannah of Uppertown 2yr
July 1st 1863 Sarah Rushworth 3rd daughter of above 14yr
March 29th 1887 Harry Rushworth their son 29yr
Dec 31st Hannah Rushworth above 75yr
March 26th 1898 Yates Rushworth 80yr

Nov 19th 1904 Alice Rushworth dau of John & Sarah of Wadsworth House, Oxenhope born Oct 1st 1871
one infant
Aug 4th 1912 John Rushworth 69yr
May 4th 1912 Sarah his wife 73yr
Feb 18th 1935 Michael Wilkinson great grandson of John born Jan 18th 1935

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