Of some of the Rishworths of Yorkshire whose

ancestors lived in Coley Hall, East Riddlesden,

Stanroyde, West Morton and Gilgrange.

Compiled in the mid 1950's by the late Professor Frank. S. Rishworth of Galway and Dublin (died 1960).

Digitised with minimal editing by Edward Rushworth ã 2000.


The name of Rishworth is, without doubt, a Yorkshire patronymic and the earlier bearers of this name spelt as de Risseworth, de Rysworth and other variants of it, lived at the little village of Rishworth on the Oldham-Halifax high road which descends from Rishworth Moor.

(A) Rishworths of Coley, Riddlesden and Stanroyde.

l. Henry de Rishworth of Coley near Halifax, d. 1307. Had issue:

2. Robert de Rishworth living 1290-1345, married Christine, sister of Henry de Coldley or Coley. Had issue:

      1. Henry de Rishworth of Hipperholme, Merchant, d. about 1417.
      2. Nicholas de Rishworth (3)

3. Nicholas de Rishworth. In 1371 Henry de Rishworth of Hipperholme granted to Nicholas de Rishworth and Helen his wife a tenement called Norwode. Had issue:

4. Henry de Rishworth of Coley, paid heriot on death of Uncle, Henry de Rishworth of Hipperholme. Had issue:

      1. John of Coley (5)
      2. Henry de Rishworth m. Elena 1452-3. Had issue: Nicholas de Rishworth.

5. John de Rishworth of Coley. In records 1431-1434 described as Senior in 1457, d. before 1459. Name of wife not certain, but probably Joyce, dau. of Sir Robert Neville of Liversedge. Had issue:

      1. John of Coley (6)
      2. James had administration of his father's goods, 1459.

6. John Rishworth of Coley, d. before 1478, m. a dau. of John Lacy of Cromwellbottom. Had issue: John of Coley (7)

7. John Rishworth of Coley. Paid heriot in 1478 after death of his father. d. 1533. Settled lands in Horton, Manningham and Haworth on his son in 1488. Had issue:

      1. Alexander (8)
      2. Agnes, m. John Waterhouse and had issue Robert Waterhouse of Shibden Hall, Halifax. There is a window in Shibden Hall on which are shown the "Arms" of Waterhouse and Rishworth,

8. Alexander Rishworth of Coley, m. Grace, dau. of Lawrence Townley. Marriage settlement 1488. d. in father's lifetime. Had issue: John of Coley and Stanroyde (9)

9. John Rishworth of Coley and Stanroyde, near Colne, b. 1502, died 1575; m. 1529 Agnes dau. of Thomas Parker of Foulridge (near Colne) Agnes buried at Halifax 1564. John Rishworth leased Coley Hall from his grandfather, m. 1529. In this deed he i8 referred to as John Rishworth of Collya (Cowling parish of Kildwick.) He came into full possession of the Estate in 1537. Through his marriage he acquired Stanroyde Ha11, Greenfield, near Colne, where he spent most of his time. Had issue: 4 sons and 5 daughters.

      1. Alexander of Heath (10).
      2. John of Kinsley,
      3. Robert of Riddlesden,
      4. Thomas of Stanroyde,
      5. Joan, m. 1st Bernard Hertiley, m. 2nd Lawrence Whittaker, 1554
      6. Elizabeth m. John Gascoigne of Burnley,
      7. Alice m. 1st Henry Bannister, 2nd Bernard Parker,
      8. Ann, m. Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland (near Halifax)
      9. Luce, mentioned in brother Robert's Will, 1602.

10. Alexander Rishworth of Heath near Wakefield, J .P., for West Riding of Yorkshire, m. Beatrice dau. of Nicholas Tempest of Tong. Marriage settlement 1546, sold to his brothers John and Robert reversion of lands in Shelfe and Great Horton 1560. Sold reversion in Coley Hall to Richard Sunderland 1578; d. in or before 1591. Had issue:

      1. Richard (11)
      2. John mentioned in grandfather's Will 1575.
      3. Lawrence, and
      4. Cecilie do. do. do.

11. Richard Rishworth had messuage in Haworth 1576; d. at Bolling Ha11 and buried at Bradford 1623. He was a kinsman of Richard Tempest of Bolling Hall, and possibly? the father of John Rushworth, the Civil War Historian.

9b. John Rishworth of Kinsley mentioned in Grandfather's Will 1575, bought reversion of lands in Shelfe and Great Horton from his brother Alexander 1560. Described as of Shipden par. Bradford, Clothier, 1597.

9c. Robert Rishworth of East Riddlesden, b. about 1542, d. 1602. m. 1st Ann, dau. of Laurence Townley of Burnside. No issue. m. 2nd Ellen, dau. of Walter Paslew of East Riddlesden. Bought reversion of lands in Shelfe and Great Horton from her brother Alexander 1560. In 1571 he took two leases of East Riddlesden from Walter Paslew, each of 80 years to run consecutively, and soon afterwards acquired the reversion in fee simple from John Paslew of Wiswall, near Colne, who had bought it from Walter Paslew. By his Will (Aug. 1602) he left about half the lands of Riddlesden and half the Manor House to his wife Ellen for 40 years, if she lived so long, with reversion to son John. To John he left the rest or the Riddlesden Estate, together with lands in Marley, Thwaitesbank, Morton, Bingley and Keighley, charged with 250 to be paid to John's sister, Jane Rishworth. By his second wife Ellen, who was buried at Bingley 1605, he had issue:

      1. Ellen, m. Nicholas Grimshaw, d. 1661. .
      2. Elizabeth, b. 1578, buried at Bingley, 1600.
      3. Jane, m. as 3rd wife William Baildon of Baildon, d. 1638 or 1639.
      4. John (12).

East Riddlesden Hall is now the property or the National Trust, and besides the Hall, the Tithe Barn, built by Robert Rishworth, is worth inspection. This timbered Barn is one of the finest in Yorkshire. Riddlesden was owned by Simon de Monthalt in 1166. The family name became "Monhaut" and then "Mawde" or "Maude". Another Simon Montalte, who survived several sons, bequeathed part of the Montalte lands including East Riddlesden to his dau. Elizabeth in 1402, m. to Robert Paslew. For almost two hundred years the Paslews remained in possession. They were staunch Catholics. A cousin, Sir John Paslew, Abbot of Whalley, was hanged in front of his Abbey for joining the Pilgrimage of Grace, and the Paslews suffered under the penal laws of Elizabeth. Walter Paslew, for his alleged connection with the rising in the North, was imprisoned in the Tower of London. A couple of inscriptions are to be seen in the Beauchamp Tower "Walter Paslew 1569" and close beside it "Extrema Anchora Christus 1570." It is interesting to note that in one of the rooms to-day the ceiling is covered with the arms of the Maude family, who live at Rylstone and are connected with a branch of the Rishworths. Also that Mr. James Murgatroyd, who succeeded a Rishworth and renewed the main block, did not obliterate the "Arms" of an earlier owner.

12. John Rishworth of Riddlesden, Bapt. at Bingley 1581, buried at Keighley 1655; m. 1603 Ann dau. of Edward Townley of Boyle. Ann buried at Keighley 1652. John Rishworth sold Riddlesden to the Murgatroyds in 1638, retaining a room for his own use. Had issue:

      1. Richard (13) and Robert,
      2. daughters - Ann, Ellen, Frances, Elizabeth and Susan.

13. Richard lived as his father at Riddlesden Hall, m. Margaret Chapman at Keighley 1636. Had issue:

      1. John, mentioned in Will of Aunt Ellen, 1640,
      2. Ellinor bapt. 1637, also in Aunt Ellen's Will.

It is stated that both John and Richard lived under very poor conditions at Riddlesden and that one of them died in York Castle a prisoner for debt.

9d. Thomas Rishworth of Stanroyde Hall (near Colne). His father gave him Stanroyde in 1566, buried at Colne April 1604. m. Johanna, dau. of Richard Whitley, heir to lands in Hipperholme, 1573. Surrendered lands in Northouram 1574. Had issue:

      1. Thomas, mentioned in his grandfather's Will 1575,
      2. Ellen, m. John, son of Henry Townley of Burnside (Lancs.)
      3. Jennet, m. Edmond, son of William Maymond of Road House, 1589, and died before 1590.

The Rishworths of Coley were considered a minor County family, and a deed now at Shibden Hall, shows a seal opposite a signature of John Rishworth dated 20th April, 1457, a shield Argent, a bend sable between an eagle displayed vert and a cross crosslet sable. Oliver Heywood states that Coley Hall was a Priory before the Reformation. The writer has seen the double cross of the Knights of St. John cut in the stone pillar, Coley Hall Gate. The Squire at Coley Hall, over six hundred years ago was Henry de Coley and the family had close kinship with the Copleys of Copley. An Oratory was established in Coley Hall probably as early as Henry de Coley's time, certainly by his kinsman and heir, Henry de Rishworth, and then a chapel, as indicated in the Wakefield Manor Rolls. Coley Church dedicated to St. John of Jerusalem was built early in the reign of Henry the Eighth, and it supplemented the previous Chapel known as 'Rishworths' in Coley Hall. The endowment deed was made in 1530, and it was agreed that John Rishworth of Coley shall have the nomination of the Priest there for the time being, to him and to his heirs forever. The Church plate is very beautiful; the oldest chalice is undated. The second Chalice and Paten is 1620, and the newest is 1631. In 1816 the Church was rebuilt on its old site and in 1901, the Church was renovated and refurnished.

Alexander Rishworth of Heath Hall near Wakefield sold a reversion in Coley Hall in 1572 to his cousin Richard Sunderland of High Sunderland near Halifax, and the Sunderland family remained in Coley Hall until fairly recent date.

John Rishworth of Coley and Stanroyde, left his numerous family amply provided with this world's goods. It will be noticed that during the reign of Elizabeth and Cromwell's Republic, the Rishworths became reduced, some, probably, through helping their Catholic relatives in these troublesome times, but others through imprudence. Many are recorded later as yeomen farmers.


(B) Rishworths of West Morton.

1. Thomas Rishworth of Kildwick (Father not known, possibly Thomas Rishworth of Stanroyde) m. Ann. Had issue:

    1. John bapt. at Kildwick, 1594.
    2. possibly Anthony (2)

2. Anthony Rishworth of Keighley 1607-1619, afterwards of West Morton, buried at Bingley 17th July 1640 or 1641. Will dated 31st October 1641 (sic.) Proved at York; m. Isabel before 1607, buried at Bingley, 1637. Had issue;

    1. Thomas (3)
    2. William of Nest Morton, bapt. at Keighley, 1619, Exor. of father's Will 1640-41, buried at Bingley 1697; m. Mary Driver at Bingley 1650, buried at Bingley 1676. Had issue: All bapt. at Bingley: Grace 1651; Ann 1653; Isabel 1655; John 1657. He possibly m. Ann Horsfall of Kildwick at Kildwick 1689, and William 1662.
    3. John of Gilgrange, buried at Kildwick 1673, m. 1st Martha Bolton at Kildwick 1635, buried there 1640. Had issue: Isabel, bapt. at Kildwick, 1638. Mentioned in grandfather's Will 1640-1. m. 2nd. Elizabeth, buried at Kildwick, 1676.

3. Thomas Rishworth of Gilgrange, Yeoman, bapt. at Keighley 1607, Exor. of father's Will 1640-1, d. 2nd April 1699, and buried at Kildwick. m. Ann Boulton at Addingham 1646, buried at Kildwick 1693. Had issue:

      1. John of Gilgrange (4)
      2. William of Gilgrange (See Rishworth of Gilgrange)
      3. Thomas of Addingham (See Rishworth of Addingham)
      4. Anthony, bapt. at Kildwick, buried there 1676.

4. John Rishworth of Gilgrange, bapt. at Kildwick 1646, buried there 1722; m. Ann, buried at Kildwick 1713. Had issue:

      1. Isabella, bapt. at Kildwick, 1675, m. at Addingham 1697 to William Cockshott.
      2. John (5)
      3. Thomas, bapt. and buried at Kildwick 1681.
      4. William, bapt. at Kildwick 1695, buried there 1733.

5. John Rishworth of West Morton, bapt. at Kildwick 1678. Held lands at West Morton, Micklethwaite and Barnoldswick. Will dated 9th May 1761. Proved at York, July 1762. m. Jane Cockshott of Bingley, marriage licence at York, 1707, then aged 23. Had issue:

      1. John (6)
      2. Jane, mentioned in father's Will 1761. m. - Dale of Bingley. Will 1/6/1778 at York.
      3. Thomas, mentioned in father's W111, 1761.
      4. Martha, wife of Abraham Broadly of Bingley 1761, m. at Kildwick 1739.
      5. Mary, Wife of David Wilkinson )
      6. Grace, Wife of Michael Ogden ) All mentioned in father's Will, 1761.
      7. Margaret )
      8. Anne, m. Thomas Cockshott at Addingham 1755.

6. John Rishworth of West Morton, Exor. of father's Will 1761/2, mentioned in Will of his sister, Jane Dale, 1778; m. Ann. Had issue:

    1. Thomas (7)
    2. Jane, b. 1766.
    3. John, box 1769. Both Jane and John mentioned in Aunt Jane's Will, 1778.

7. Thomas Rishworth of West Morton, Yeoman, b. 1764; held several valuable freehold farms at West Morton. m. at Keighley to Rachel Padgett. Had issue:

    1. Mary, born 1794
    2. Ann, born 1799.
    3. John (8)
    4. William, b. 1802.
    5. Jane, b. 1805.
    6. Thomas, b. 1807
    7. Martha, b. 1810, m. John Hagar at Keighley, Leeds, 1828. Had issue: William Crasby, who married his cousin, Rachel Rishworth of West Morton, and Mary Ann Hagar, who m. Robert Varley Sellers of Keighley.
    8. Henry, b. 1812, d. 1865, Textile manufacturer in Morton. m. a daughter of John Wilkinson of Castle Hill; Had issue: William; John; Thomas and (possibly Rachel also, who m. Wil1iam Hangar.)
    9. Joshua, born 1814,
    10. Rachel, b. 1816,
    11. Sarah, b. 1818.

8. John Rishworth of West Morton, Morecambe and Bradford. b. 1801, died 1875, buried at Bingley, m. Jane (?) Shiers. Had issue:

    1. Emanuel (9)
    2. Thomas Rhodes, b. 1836.
    3. John Shiers, emigrated to New Zealand 1862, settled at Palmerston North. Emily Jane and Mary Elizabeth d. in infancy.
    4. Susannah, b. 1832/3, d. 1864, buried at Bingley; m. W. Wright of Shipley.
    5. Jane Selina, b. 1839, d. 1864.
    6. Agnes Hitching Shiers, b. 1849, d. 1864, both buried in Bingley.

All these children were born at Springs and christened by Mr. Cheadle of Bingley Church, except Agnes (f) who was christened at Morton.

9. Emanuel Rishworth of Dunedin, N.Z., born at Springs (Bingley) 1832, d. at Dunedin, 1924. Emigrated to N.Z. 1862. Had issue:

    1. Gladys Jane Shiers, b. 1888, m. Thomas Edward Morgan, 1922.
    2. Henry, b. 1891, died of wounds 1914-18 war.
    3. Ella, b. 1890, died 1938, m. Lewis Barclay, 1914.
    4. John Shiers (10)
    5. Margaret b. 1893, d. 1948.
    6. Ada, b. 1899.
    7. Frank (James Francis) b. 1897, m. Grace Emily Marlin, 1938,d. 1949.
    8. Alfred Charles, b. 1901, m. Maud London, 1924.
    9. Harold Francis, b. 1912, m. Margaret Joyce Stewart, 1946.

10. John Shiers Rishworth of Dunedin, N.Z. Has issue:

    1. John Henry, b. 1923.
    2. Eileen Frances, b. 1927.


(C) Rishworth of Gilgrange (otherwise Ghyllgrange).

1. William Rishworth of Gilgrange and Addingham, Moorside, second son of Thomas Rishworth of Gilgrange, bapt. at Kildwick, 1648, buried there in 1705; m. at Addingham to Elizabeth, dau. of John and Mary Moorhouse of Eastburn. Purchased in 1704 from his wife's brother, 55 acres of land, 2 dwellings and 2 barns in Eastburn for 475. Had issue:

    1. Ann, bapt. at Kildwick, 1700; m. at Kildwick, William Gott of Cringles.
    2. Thomas (2)

2. Thomas Rishworth of Gilgrange, bapt. at Ki1dwick, 1702, m. at Kildwick 1732 to Mary Clapham of Low Utley, d. at Thwaites, 1772. Gave Thwaites property to elder son, Thomas, and Eastburn and Steeton property to William. Had issue:

    1. Thomas of Thwaites (3)
    2. William of Eastburn. (See Pedigree D.)

3. Thomas Rishworth of Thwaites, b. 1739, d. 29/9/1809. Built Thwaites House near Keighley, 1780, m. Amy Netherwood of Amblethorpe, b. 1749, d. 14th March 1818. Had issue:

    1. Amelia, born 1783, m. Thomas Whitley of Bingley, d. 20th April 1841. Buried in Aisle or Bingley Church.
    2. Elizabeth, b. 1785, d. 25th June 1859; m. at Keighley to John Craven of Strong Close, Keighley.
    3. Thomas (4).

4. Thomas Rishworth of Thwaites and Tuam, Ireland, b. Thwaites 1787, d. at Carnane, Tuam, 1862; m. Mercy Smith of Keighley. He acted as trustee for his sister; invested in Mill properties which suffered heavy losses. He had to make good and to sell his Thwaites property about 1854. With the residue, he went to Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland, and bought property there. Had issue:

    1. Thomas (5)
    2. John, b. 1841 at Thwaites, d. 1925, at Ballymote House, Tuam, m. Hannah, dau. of James Maude Sharman of Bradford, she died in 1909.

5. Thomas Rishworth of Thwaites and Carnene, Tuam, b. at Thwaites 1821, m. Elizabeth Shackleton; Had issue:

    1. William m. Mary Anne Lupton "Fernfield" Bingley. Had issue: Amy Beatrice, d. 1956; Thomas Edgar under care in a home. William Henry d.1955. All unmarried. After William Henry's death, Amy, unable to maintain the grounds, sold Fernfield, having previously given the Elizabethan Chest to Temple Newsam Museum, Leeds.
    2. Anne Amelia, b. 1852, died 1939, m. Thomas Henry Secker of Surrey; Had issue: Alice Elizabeth, b. 1882, d. 1951; Norman Howard, b. 1888, killed in action 1916; Douglas Percival, m. Ella A. Measday of Surrey. No issue. Amy Rishworth, Surrey.
    3. Amy Elizabeth, m. William Maude Sharman of Bradford and Harrogate. No issue.
    4. John Henry, d. 1877.

6. John Rishworth of Thwaites and Tuam, b. 1841, at Thwaites House, d. 1925 at Ballymote House, Tuam. m. Hannah, dau. of James Maude Sharman of Bradford; she died 1909. Had issue:

    1. Frank Sharman, Professor of Engineering (now retired), m. Mary Beecroft of Bingley. No issue.
    2. John Henry, d. 1922, m. Mary E. Madden of Ballinlough. Had issue: John F., d. aged 22; Mary Dorothea, m. Dr. Peter Denham of Dublin. Issue: Brian, Nuala and John. Eileen m. William Cliffe Reardon, Bank Official. Issue: Elizabeth Anne and Denis.
    3. Charles James, d. in infancy.
    4. Christina Mary, m. Alexander Ernest Marks, Bank Official (now retired). Has issue: John A. Chaplain, RN, m. Hazel Thompson; Issue: David and Jonathan; Dr. Hannah Maude, MB, T.C.D. Henry m. Eileen Barton.
    5. William Herbert, unmarried, living at Ballymote House, Tuam, where his father, John, resided, after his marriage in 1874.
    6. James Maud, MB, Doctor at Blackheath, m. Mary Reid, d. 1950. Had issue: James Robert.
    7. Walter Netherwood, MB, M.C., Doctor at West Hartlepool, m. Vera Brabazon. Has issue: Doctor Ruth Hannah, MB, and Patricia Margaret. The latter m. to Lionel Hunt, 1957. Both James and Walter were on active service as Captains, R.A.M.C., in 1914-18.


(D) Rishworth of Eastburn.

1. William Rishworth of Eastburn, second son of Thomas of Gilgrange, m. at Bingley, 1769, to Mary Midgley of Cullingworth, d. 1811. Had issue:

    1. Martha, bapt. at Kildwick, 1772, m. at Keighley, 1802 to Henry Wright.
    2. Thomas of Eastburn, bapt. at Kildwick, 1774, m. S. Rhodes, Issue: William and John. John had issue - Thomas of Steeton.
    3. John of Aberford, bapt. at Kildwick, 1777; Had issue; Emma, who m. Isaac Hurdle, and Thomas who m. Fanny Thormber.
    4. William of Aberford, bapt. at Kildwick 1779.
    5. Midgley (2)
    6. Henry bapt. at Kildwick, 1783.
    7. Sam, bapt. at Kildwick, 1785.

2. Midgley of Steeton, b. 18/4/1781, m. Mary Cure at Keighley, 1802. Had issue:

    1. Thomas of Silsden Moor, who m. Elizabeth Pearson. Had issue: a 1 William, issue - Thomas in South Africa; a 2 Ann; a 3 Midgley; a 4 Thomas, issue - Thomas in U.S.A.; a 5 Mary Jane; a 6 Samuel, m. Jane Hindle, had issue - Thomas of Cheltenham b. 1879, and Emma Elizabeth; a 7 Esther Elizabeth.
    2. Clapham of Keighley, Cornmiller, m. Harriet Sunderland, Had issue: b 1 Charles, m. Margaret Senier; Issue - Charles Israel, m. - Whitacker of Horsforth. Issue - Charles Paslew, Sybil and another daughter. Charles Israel Rishworth d. at his home, Aldburgh Hall, Masham, in December, 1957, and was buried at West Tanfield; b 2 Henry, m. Clara Duxbury; b 3 Mary Ann, m. Joseph Dawson.
    3. Samuel, m. - Harrison, Issue: Henry, George, William, James, Joseph, Ida. George issue: Frank, Harold, Ida; Frank issue: Elizabeth, Julia and David; Harold issue: Mary; William issue: Peggy, m. - Stevens, issue: Penny and Phillipa; Nellie unmarried.
    4. Mary, m. William Roper of Keighley and Tuam, died 1859, and buried in Tuam Cathedral grounds, aged 45; Had issue: d 1 John Henry, m. A. Bradshaw; Their son William m. Amy Rishworth of Aberford; now Major William and Amy Roper reside there. d 2 Amy m. Sam Rishford of Aberford, as his second wife. Issue: William, Mary, Amy, Sam, Ethel and Beatrice; Mary m. George Winter. Issue: Mary, m. Richard Whitfield, Issue: John, Nicholas and Jane; Amy, m. Will. Roper, Issue: William, m. Joyce Park, Issue; William, Nathalie and Arthur. (Sam Rishworth of Aberford m. as his first wife, Catherine Hey; Issue: Frances, William and Sam.)
    5. Israel of Keighley and Leeds, m. Rachel Paget. No issue.
    6. William.
    7. Henry of Keighley, Cornmiller, m. M. Moore; Issue; g 1 Mary, g 2 Albert Henry, Issue: Nathlie and Keith, later Col, A.H. Rishworth, 0.B.E., resided and d. in Hull. g 3 Frederick Charles, Fred. m. M. Holmes, Issue: Elsie, Jessie and Harry; Elsie m. S. Clapham, issue: Nancy - m. John Blakey, Thomas Rishworth and Freda; Jessie m. G. Coulson.
    8. Midgley.
    9. Esther, m. - Asquith.


(E) Rishworth of Addingham

1. Thomas Rishworth of Addingham, Moorside, Yeoman, third son of Thomas Rishworth of Gilgrange, bapt. at Kildwick, 1655, buried at Addingham, 1738, m. at Kildwick to Jane Strike, 1697; she died 1750. Had issue:

    1. Ann, bapt. at Addingham, 1700, buried there 1704.
    2. Thomas, (See Rishworth of Ramsgill, Ilkley.)
    3. William (2)

2. William Rishworth of Moorside, Yeoman, bapt. at Addingham 1707, buried there 1777, m. at Addingham 1741 to Ann, dau. of Robert Lambert of Doublestones, P. Kildwick, Farmer. She was born 1717, buried at Addingham, 1789. Had issue:

    1. Hannah, bapt. at Addingham, 1743, buried there 1749.
    2. John Moorside, Yeoman, bapt. at Addingham, 1744, buried there 1803.
    3. Mary, bapt. at Addingham 1747, buried there 1786, m. Joseph son of Henry Summerscales of Gildersber, Farmer.
    4. William, bapt. at Addingham 1749, buried there, 1770.
    5. Thomas, b. 1752, buried at Addingham, 1788.
    6. George, bapt. at Addingham, 1754; Banns read at Addingham 1784 for marriage with Mary Flesher of Kildwick.
    7. Henry (3)
    8. Ann, bapt, at Addingham, 1760.
    9. Nancy, m. at Addingham 1785 to John, son of Joseph Batly of Throstle Nest, Ilkley; Weaver.

3. Henry Rishworth of Moorside, Yeoman, bapt. at Addingham, 1757, buried there 1810; m. at Addingham 1792 to Martha, dau. of Jeremiah Wilson of Blackpots, Silsden. She was buried at Addingham 1796, aged 31. Had issue:

    1. William b. 1792.
    2. Mary, b. 1794.
    3. John, b. 1796.


(F) Rishworth of Ramsgill, Ilkley.

1. Thomas Rishworth of Ramsgill, Yeoman, eldest son of Thomas Rishworth, Moorside, bapt. at Addingham, 1705, buried there 1738; m. at Kildwick 1729 to Sarah Cowling of Kildwick. Had issue:

    1. Ann, bapt. at Addingham, 1731.
    2. John (2 )
    3. Sarah, m. to Henry Stirk of Kildwick, Yeoman.

2. John Rishworth of Crawshaw and Ramsgill, P. Ilkley; Grazier. Bapt. at Ilkley, 1734, m. at Ilkley, 1776 to Sarah, dau. of John Crummock of Napple Ing. near Baildon. Had issue:

    1. Thomas (3)
    2. Ann, bapt. at Ilkley, 1782.

3. Thomas Rishworth of Crawshaw, Farmer, b. 12th August 1779, m. at Addingham 1800 to Sarah, dau. of Edward Brumfitt. Had issue:

    1. Susannah, b. 1800
    2. Sarah, b. l802.
    3. John, b. 1804. [ 2 x great grandfather of the editor, Edward Rushworth ]
    4. Ann, b. 1807.
    5. Jane, b. 1809.
    6. Thomas, b. 1810.

All bapt. at Addingham .


Acknowledgements and References.

The compiler of these notes on some of the Rishworths of Yorkshire had a considerable amount of information already available. The Yorkshire Archaeological Society vol. xxxix, Record series, York Deeds, p.226-229, Rishworths of Coley, by John Lister, 1907, together with J. Horsfall Turners History of Brighouse, Rastrick and Hipperholme, gave him sufficient material for his notes on the Rishworths of Coley, while F.V. Sellers, resident in New South Wales, made his work very much lighter by the information in considerable detail, which Mr. Sellers and his friends had collected from the Church Registers in Kildwick, Addingham, Bingley, Keighley, Ilkley and elsewhere, giving the marriages, births and deaths of Rishworths in their respective parishes and sent to the compiler in 1953.

He is grateful for the very useful information which the daughters of the late Mr. Fred Rishworth of Keighley gave him, collected by their father, who was interested in the lineage of the Rishworths of Gilgrange, West Morton and Eastburn and indebted to Capt. Will. and Mrs. Roper for valuable information also to many friends who have shown an interest in their Rishworth ancestry.


Press Notices.




When the Schools of Engineering were established in Galway, Cork and Belfast a century ago there were probably not more than four engineering schools in the British Isles or half a dozen in the world. For ninety-eight out of these hundred years the Chair in Galway was held by only three Professors, Binden Blood, Townsend and Rishworth. Professor F.S. Rishworth was a pupil of Professor Townsend and graduated in 1898. He was appointed Assistant Engineer on the construction of an extension of the Great Northern Railway in Derbyshire and afterwards was transferred to King's Cross. In 1902 he was appointed lecturer in Civil Engineering at the School of Engineering, Giza, from which he resigned to succeed Professor Townsend in Galway. The number of students was increasing on the establishment of the National University and it was no longer possible to continue Townsend's practice of sitting at a table with his few students gathered around him. Professor Rishworth foresaw the needs of the future and designed and supervised the erection of the present Engineering School which was opened in 1914 equipped with what was then the latest testing apparatus. In 1935 he was appointed Chief Engineer to the Shannon Hydro-Electric Scheme which has done so much to develop the resources of Ireland. Since then further projects have been developed, many by engineers trained under him either at Galway or on the Shannon. He carried on the high tradition of the School and, like Professor Townsend, his deepest interest was in teaching and in the welfare of his graduates. Many engineers now in responsible positions both at home and abroad will gratefully acknowledge that their success is due to him. Living now in retirement in Dublin, he retains his keen interest in his old students and his old college. Bindon Blood, Townsend and Rishworth, these names will always be associated with the growth of the Galway Engineering School from the infancy of Engineering one hundred years ago, to the great achievements of today.

From The Connaught Tribune, Saturday, March 18, 1950.




Professor F. S. Rishworth

Professor Frank S. Rishworth, who died at his residence, 29 Leeson Park, Dublin, was one of the most distinguished engineers in the country. He was educated at Queen's College, Galway, which he entered in 1894. He was first science scholar in each of his four years there, and took first place with exhibition at each of the engineering examinations in the Royal University. Between 1898 and 1902 he was engaged on railway construction in Derbyshire and tube railway designs in London. He joined the Egyptian Civil Service in 1902, and trained engineers for irrigation, railways and other public works at the School of Engineering, Ghizeh. He was engaged on experimental work in connection with the Asswan Dam and other irrigation structures. He retired from the Egyptian Civil Service in 1910, to take up appointment as Professor of Civil Engineering in U.C.G. Before leaving Egypt he was honoured by the Khedive, who awarded him the Order of the Medjideh Third Class (Commander). In 1925 he got leave of absence from U.C.G. to become chief engineer on the Shannon Hydro-Electric Scheme. He was responsible to the Government for the preparation of the contract documents and the supervision of the civil construction works. He returned to U.C.G. in 1930. From 1938 to 1940 he was a member of the Drainage commission, and was chairman of its technical committee. He was a Member of the Industrial Research Council, and was a member also of the Governing Body of U.C.G. and of the Senate. From 1936 to 1938 he was president of the Institute of Civil Engineers of Ireland. He was one of the oldest members of the Institute of Civil Engineers of England.

From the Irish Times, .April 1960

Rugby Medal for Auction in September 2000:

The Connaught Cup silver and gold prize medal, comprising an ornate openwork circlet cross, gold panel affixed to centre engraved "Connaught Cup 96-97, integral suspension loop, reverse engraved "F.S. Rishworth", is believed to be for the second year in which that competition was held. F.S. Rishworth was one of the great Connaught rugby players of the late 19th century, and one of the original players in the first Connaught team. He was subsequently a Professor at University College Galway and president of the Connacht Rugby Football Union.

Photograph of Frank Rishworth

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