Descendants of William de RISHWORTH born ca. 1150.

This is a database of descendants of William de Risheworth in the 12th century to whom most people with the surname of Rushworth, Rishworth, Rushforth etc., seem to be related. The variations in spellings of RISHWORTH in earlier generations have been simplified as RISHWORTH. Be warned that the database contains many errors. Comments and particularly information of additions and corrections would be appreciated.
The data has been compiled by Edward Rushworth from various data most of which has been provided by various people around the world interested in their family history with Rushworth / Rishworth connections. Much of this was researched originally by Philip Rushworth and the late Professor Frank Rishworth whose data seems to be in general agreement. There are however conflicts in the data sources which have not been resolved as yet. In researching your own lineage original documents should be consulted to establish correct details where ever possible. Should references and/or sources be required for particular individuals or families, an e-mail may be sent to the Rushworth Yahoo Group with query details.

There are 1339 individuals in the database. Details of living persons are kept private as are those within the past 100 years for whom no death is known. Only persons with the surname Rushworth or one of its variants are included together with their spouses. Hence if the surname is known of an individual who married a Rushworth they can be quickly traced from the "Surname List" below if the lineage is included in this database.

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Descendants of William de RISHWORTH born ca. 1150. Descendants of William de RISHWORTH born ca. 1150.
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