This Club (or Group) is for a small number of people anywhere in the world descended from any family by the name of RUSHWORTH, RUSHFORTH, or RISHWORTH. In 1881 there were less than 3,000 people in Britain with one of these surnames, and they were predominantly around Bradford in Yorkshire with the surname RUSHWORTH. Hence RUSHWORTH is being used here as the generic name for the "clan", but it should be noted that the original name from which they were all most probably descended was RISHWORTH. A history of the "clan" is given at -

The purpose of the Group is to enable members to exchange RUSHWORTH family history information likely to be of mutual interest by means of a common e-mail list, and to:

  1. Set up a database on all our RUSHWORTH ancestors so as to be accessible to everyone.
  2. Arrange a periodic get-together of the "clan" in or near Bradford. The first such gathering was held in Bradford on 1st to 3rd November 2002.
You can join the Group for free and leave at any time.
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Bullet Point A major database of the descendants of William de Risheworth ca. 1150 in Yorkshire, England. It is based mainly on information researched by Philip Rushworth of Bradford over the past 30 years. It is believed to be largely correct, but there are some evident errors.

Bullet Point "Lineage of some Rishworth's of Yorkshire" by the late Professor Frank S. Rishworth of Galway and Dublin.

Bullet Point "York Minster Database" search results on the Rushworth/Rishworth surname (April 2001).

Bullet Point "Books" which may be of interest.

Bullet Point "Photographs" by David Marks.

Bullet Point "The RISHWORTH family of Hemsworth near Wakefield" by Gary Kent.

Bullet Point The International Rushworth Gathering in Bradford on 1st to 3rd November 2002.

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