Rushworth Gathering in Bradford on 1st November 2002.

Photo of Bradford Gathering

Index to Photo

1. Gwen Rushworth, Rawdon near Leeds. Edward's step mother.
2. Hilda Rishworth, Darlington. Jim's wife.
3. Margaret Ainsley, Otley. Edward's half sister.
4. Hannah Marks, Cockermouth, Cumbria. Aunt of 9.
5. Ian Rushworth, Crieff, Scotland. Edward's youngest son.
6. Pat Rushworth, Idle, Bradford. Philip's wife.
7. John Saunders, New Zealand.
8. Angela Saywell, Paddington, Sydney, Australia.
9. David Marks, London. Nephew of 4.
10. Jim Rishworth, Darlington.
11. Heather Ripley, Dundee, Scotland. John Rushworth's partner.
12. John Rushworth,Crieff, Scotland. Edward's eldest son.
13. Philip Rushworth, Idle, Bradford.
14. Edward Rushworth, Comrie, Scotland.
15. Diane Rushworth, Kippa-Ring, Queensland, Australia. Roy's wife.
16. Gill Rushworth, Cambridge. Martin's wife.
17. Mark Rushworth, Coventry.
18. Martin Rushworth, Cambridge.
19. Jane Blinkhorn, Settle. Edward's daughter.
20. Roy Rushworth, Kippa-Ring, Queensland, Australia.
21. Anne Rushworth, Comrie, Scotland. Edward's wife.
22. Trisha Rushworth, Coventry. Mark's wife.
23. Paul Rushworth, Huddersfield.
24. Eileen Rishworth, Northcote, Auckland, New Zealand. Cousin of 25.
25. Dee Rishworth, Timaru, New Zealand. Cousin of 24.
26. Dawn Bradfield, Swindon.
Decent copies of the photograph can be obtained from The Telegraph & Argus, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1JR, England, UK, ( quoting Rushworth Reunion Photo published on 2 November 2002 at page 14. A 7 inch by 5 inch costs 6.35 plus postage (75p in the UK), and a 10" by 8" 8.95.

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Thanks to Ian, Mark, Paul and Martin for the original photographs.

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Thursday, November 21, 2002