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Rushworths Ltd. of Huddersfield, by Gill Rushworth.

The 93 year history of the well known Huddersfield Department Store founded in 1875 by Aquilla Thomas Rushworth (1949 - 1902). This is a fascinating story with some fine photographs. An A4 paperback of 52 pages, ISBN 0 9537085 0 0, published in 1999 by J.D.M. & G. Rushworth, 1a Archers Close, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge CB5 0NG, England, U.K.. Unfortunately this is out of print, but I have a copy so contact me (Edward Rushworth - website editor) to look up any information.

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  • Yorkshire Surnames: Bradford and District
    by George Redmonds, Paperback, 2.70.

  • Historical Collections of Private Passages of State ......
    If you are a millionaire this is the book for you! On the other hand you can put it on your "Wish List" just as I have done, but we need to find a very friendly multi-millionaire Rushworth cousin! This is a reprint of the book by our famous Sir John Rushworth, M.P. (ca. 1612 - 1690). It is priced at 1,800 !

    There are microfilm copies of the book in some university libraries in the U.S.A., and there are originals in a very few libraries, including the U.K., which you can find by searching on the internet.

  • West Yorkshire Street Atlas
    This is cheap and useful if you are travelling in Yorkshire or finding place names there, but there are also good map systems on the internet such as at or if you want old maps

  • The following books can be downloaded for free on the internet by clicking on the links below, but be warned about the slow download time (Images in PDF format):

  • J. Horsfall Turner, Ancient Bingley or Bingley: its History and Scenery [Yorkshire] [1897] (Beryl Thompson). The beauty of downloading a valuable book such as this in its entirety is that it can then be word searched so that you can easily find all the Rishworth entries for example. It contains the intriguing story of the Rishworth treasure chest at page 184, and many other items of interest.

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  • Thomas Baines, Yorkshire Past and Present [1877] (Beryl Thompson)

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    26 February 2001