Edith LONGSTER (1915-2009)


Edith May LONGSTER, Edith May Ainsley


Spouse: Edwin Victor AINSLEY, ainsvic

1. Edith May LONGSTER, daughter of William LONGSTER (1883-1926) and Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD (1878-1947), was born on 30 November 1915 in Wath, Pateley Bridge. She died on 14 July 2009 in Ilkley. She married Edwin Victor AINSLEY.


Edwin Victor AINSLEY, son of Albert Edgar AINSLEY (1876- ) and Eva BOTHAM ( - ), was born on 13 May 1912 in Whitby? He died on 12 September 1971 in Leeds. He and Edith May LONGSTER had the following children:


Eileen Joy AINSLEY

John Martyn AINSLEY

Second Generation


William LONGSTER, longswm1

2. William LONGSTER, son of William LONGSTER and Sarah JOHNSON, was born in 1883. He was a Farmer in The Farm, Wath, Pateley Bridge. He married Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD in 1902 in Pateley Bridge. He died on 22 June 1926 in Wath, Pateley Bridge.



Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD, longss

3. Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD, daughter of John Moss WHITEHEAD and Hannah, was christened on 23 August 1877 in Pateley Bridge. She was born in 1878 in Greenhowhill. She appeared in the census in 1881 in Bewerley. She died on 11 May 1947 in Wath. She and William LONGSTER had the following children:



Edith May LONGSTER (1915-2009)


William Alwyn LONGSTER (c. 1921-2005). William was born circa 1921. He died in February 2005.

Third Generation


William LONGSTER, longs1

4. William LONGSTER, son of Loftus LONGSTER and Ann BURRILL, was born on 6 May 1838 in Wath, Pateley Bridge. He married Sarah JOHNSON in 1881. In 1904 he was a Farmer in Wath. He died on 12 April 1908 in Wath.1 His AKA was 'Lonster'.



Sarah JOHNSON, longshb

5. Sarah JOHNSON, daughter of Robert JOHNSON and Ann UNKNOWN, was born in 1857. She died on 26 November 1915 in Wath.1 She was buried on 30 November 1915. She and William LONGSTER had the following children:



William LONGSTER (1883-1926)


6. John Moss WHITEHEAD was born in 1832 in Greenhowhill. He lived in Bewerley, Pateley Bridge. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Bewerley. He married Hannah.


7. Hannah was born in 1836 in Greenhowhill. Her AKA was 'Harriett'. She and John Moss WHITEHEAD had the following children:



Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD (1878-1947)

Fourth Generation

8. Loftus LONGSTER, son of John LONGSTER and Mary LOFTUS, was christened on 21 March 1813 in Pateley Bridge. He married Ann BURRILL in 1835. In 1838 he was a Smith in Wath, Pateley Bridge. He appeared in the census in 1881 in Wath. He married Elizabeth.


Elizabeth was born in 1813 in Sawley, near Ripon.


9. Ann BURRILL was born in 1815. She died on 16 February 1854 in Wath.2 She was buried in Ramsgill Church. She and Loftus LONGSTER had the following children:


Mary LONGSTER (chr.1836, d.c. 1840). Mary was christened on 3 January 1836 in Pateley Bridge. He died circa 1840.2


William LONGSTER (1838-1908)

Stephen LONGSTER (c. 1840-c. 1841). Stephen was born circa 1840. He died circa 1841.

Ann LONGSTER (1851-1874). Ann was born in 1851. She died on 20 December 1874 in Wath.2

John LONGSTER (chr.1840). John was christened on 22 November 1840 in Pateley Bridge.

Edmund LONGSTER (chr.1843). Edmund was christened on 16 April 1843 in Pateley Bridge. His AKA was 'Edman'.

Samuel LONGSTER (chr.1844). Samuel was christened on 27 October 1844 in Pateley Bridge.



Robert JOHNSON, johns1

10. Robert JOHNSON was born circa 1821. He married Ann UNKNOWN.



Ann UNKNOWN, johns2

11. Ann UNKNOWN was born circa 1824. She and Robert JOHNSON had the following children:



Sarah JOHNSON (1857-1915)

Fifth Generation

12. John LONGSTER, son of William LANCASTER and Mary RAYNER, was born in 1761 in Covialhouse. He married Mary LOFTUS on 28 September 1789 in St Chads, Middlesmoor. He was buried in 1837.


13. Mary LOFTUS was born in 1769. Her AKA was 'LOFTHOUSE'. She and John LONGSTER had the following children:


Mary LONGSTER (chr.1790). Mary was christened in 1790 in Middlesmoor Parish.

John LONGSTER (chr.1792). John was christened on 13 May 1792 in Pateley Bridge.

Simon LONGSTER (chr.1794). Simon was christened on 4 May 1794 in Pateley Bridge. He married Jane WALKER on 29 April 1833 in Pateley Bridge.

Peggy LONGSTER (1802-1882). Peggy was born in 1802 in Stock Plain, Pateley Bridge. She was christened on 28 February 1802 in Pateley Bridge. She married William COWLING on 27 August 1821 in Ripon Parish. She died on 3 May 1882 in Pateley Bridge. Her AKA was 'Margaret'.3

Christopher LONGSTER (chr.1804). Christopher was christened on 15 April 1804 in Pateley Bridge.

Betty LONGSTER (chr.1810). Betty was christened on 6 May 1810 in Pateley Bridge.


Loftus LONGSTER (chr.1813)

Edmund LONGSTER (chr.1816, bur.1883). Edmund was christened on 15 June 1816 in Pateley Bridge. He married Margaret GRANGE on 21 September 1847. He was buried in 1883.

Charlotte LONGSTER (chr.1824). Charlotte was christened on 12 December 1824 in Pateley Bridge.

William LONGSTER (chr.1828). William was christened on 20 November 1828 in Wesleyan Methodist, Pateley Bridge.

Sixth Generation

14. William LANCASTER married Mary RAYNER in 1755.


15. Mary RAYNER has few details recorded about her. She and William LANCASTER had the following children:


William LONGSTER (1756- ). William was born in 1756.


John LONGSTER (b.1761, bur.1837)


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