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Elezebth RISHWOORTH (chr.1697, bur.1753)

Name: Elezebth RISHWOORTH
Sex: Female
Father: William RISHFORTH (bur.1743)
Mother: Jane (bur.1746)

Individual Events and Attributes

Christening 29 Dec 1697 Ilkley
Burial 29 Jul 1753 Ilkley (possibly 17 Jan 1697/8)

Individual Note

Ilkley Par Reg p.29 baptisms 1697/8, "Elezebth, Will. Rishwoorth, december 29",

also "Elezebth, Will. Rishwoorth, Jeneuery decesimo septemo", however this

latter entry is out of place and evidently should be included with the next

entries as a burial. The Julian calender (up to 1752) year end was Lady Day (25

March). However, it seems just as likely that this person was buried on 29 July

1753 as "Elizabeth Rishworth of Ilkley, spinster". Don't really know which is

right, but perhaps the latter.