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Family of William Norwood CHEESMAN and Margaret Ellen BURTON

Husband: William Norwood CHEESMAN (1847-1925)
Wife: Margaret Ellen BURTON (1858-1963)
Children: Percy CHEESMAN (1884-1967)
William Burton CHEESMAN (1886-1957)
Fred CHEESMAN (1889-1918)
Gertrude Mary CHEESMAN (1890- )
Daniel Norwood CHEESMAN (1893-1958)
Elsie Jane CHEESMAN (1896-1986)
Marriage 25 Oct 1883

Husband: William Norwood CHEESMAN


William Norwood CHEESMAN

Name: William Norwood CHEESMAN
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: J.P., F.L.S.
Father: Daniel CHEESMAN (1816-1901)
Mother: Jane Elizabeth NORWOOD (1821-1901)
Birth 1 Feb 1847 Winterton, Lincolnshire
Lived at Hull in his youth when he swam the Humber.
Baptism 7 Feb 1847 (age 0) Winterton, Lincolnshire
Title J.P., F.L.S.
Occupation btw 1870 and 1925 (age 22-78) Draper; Selby
He went from Hull to London to learn the drapery business and then at 25 years of age he joined his uncle in the extensive drapery business at Selby which eventually became Cheesman (Selby) Ltd..
Census 1881 (age 33-34) Selby
1881 Census at 16 The Crescent, Selby:
Cheesman, William, Head, Unmarried, 34, Master Draper, born Winterton, Scunthorpe, Lincs.
Cheesman, Mary E, Sister, " 25, Housekeeper, "
Cheesman, Sarah J, " " 19, "
Varsey, Elizabeth, Asst, " 23, Dressmaker, Lincoln, Lincs.
Bowes, John, " " 21, Drapers Asst, Kirby moorside, Yorks.
Butterfield, Harry, Appr, " 17, Drapers Appr, Selby, Yorks.
Finnan, William, " " 17, " " Hambleton, Selby, Yorks.
Reasbeck, Mary, Serv, " 20, Cook (Domestic), Halifax
Jackson, Sarah, " " 14, Gen Serv, Skipwith, Yorks.
Note: At this time the shop was on the ground floor of 16 The Crescent, Selby, and the above people lived over it, probably on two floors.
Elected 1903 (age 55-56) Fellow of the Linnean Society of London (1788); Burlington House, Piccadilly, London W1V 0LQ
Elected 1916 (age 68-69) President of the Yorkshire Naturalist's Union
Elected 1924 (age 76-77) Jusice of the Peace; Selby
Misc 1924 (age 76-77) Prominent Freemason and Archaeologist; Selby, Yorkshire.
Freemason - in 1924 he was Worshipful Brother, Past Master of his Lodge, Past Provincial Grand Warden of the Province of North East Yorkshire, and Past Grand Assistant Director of Ceromonies (Eng.) Mark; 30 degrees etc.. Author of "On Masons' Marks in particular, and Mediaeval Craftsmen's Marks in general", 1924. He was also a member of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society.
Death 7 Nov 1925 (age 78) Selby
Burial Nov 1925 Brayton Cemetery, Selby
Elected 1925 (age 77-78) President of the British Mycological Society
One of the founders of the British Mycological Society, the formation of which was discussed at his home in Selby.

Wife: Margaret Ellen BURTON


Margaret Ellen BURTON

Name: Margaret Ellen BURTON
Sex: Female
Father: James BURTON ( - )
Mother: Jane ( - )
Birth 3 Jul 1858
Census 1881 (age 22-23) Hinderwell, Yorkshire
This seems to be the only 1881 census entry to fit, but it does mean that parentage needs verifying:
Dwelling: Hill Side
Census Place: Hinderwell, York, England
Source: PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4837 Folio 151 Page 25
Margaret LENG Married, aged 45, Female, born Sunderland, Durham, England
Relationship: Head of household
Occupation: Sempstress
Margaret E. BURTON, Unmarried, aged 21 F Staithes, York, England
Mary Ann BURTON U 18 F Staithes, York, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Telegraph Clerk
William John LENG 3 M Staithes, York, England
Death 25 Jan 1963 (age 104) Uttoxeter
Burial 29 Jan 1963 Selby Abbey

Child 1: Percy CHEESMAN




Spouse: Mabel Helen JACKSON

Name: Percy CHEESMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mabel Helen JACKSON (1885-1953)
Spouse 2: May THORNLEY
Birth 26 Aug 1884
Residence 1953 (age 68-69) Pocklington, East Yorkshire
Death 27 Jan 1967 (age 82)

Child 2: William Burton CHEESMAN

Name: William Burton CHEESMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy ( - )
Birth 8 Apr 1886
Occupation Farmer; Camblesforth, Selby
Death 1957 (age 70-71)
AKA Billy

Child 3: Fred CHEESMAN

Sex: Male
Spouse: Irene Mabel Annie
Birth 3 Mar 1889
Death 14 Oct 1918 (age 29) Belgium
Killed in action -
1st Bn., Royal Irish Rifles
who died on
Monday, 14th October 1918. Age 29.
Additional Information: Son of William Norwood Cheesman, and Margaret Ellen Cheesman, of Selby; husband of Irene Mabel Cheesman, of 23, Mount, Preston, Leeds.
Cemetery: DADIZEELE NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, Moorslede, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Grave Reference/
Panel Number: II. A. 5.

Dadizeele New British Cemetery is located 16 km east of Ieper town centre on a road leading from the N8 Meenseweg, connecting Ieper to Menen via Geluwe. From Ieper town centre the Meenseweg is located via Torhoutstraat and then right onto Basculestraat. Basculestraat ends at a main crossroads, directly over which begins the Meenseweg. 12 km along the N8 lies the village of Geluwe and the left hand turning onto the Nieuwstraat (later called Derdeansiersstraat, towards Dadizele). 5 km along this road lies the village of Dadizele. The cemetery is located 100 metres after the left hand turning at the junction with Geluwestraat and Beselarestraat, in the village of Dadizele.

Child 4: Gertrude Mary CHEESMAN

Name: Gertrude Mary CHEESMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hartas FOXTON (1889-1943)
Birth 21 Apr 1890
Death Uttoxeter

Child 5: Daniel Norwood CHEESMAN

Name: Daniel Norwood CHEESMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 11 Apr 1893
Death 2 Sep 1958 (age 65)

Child 6: Elsie Jane CHEESMAN

Name: Elsie Jane CHEESMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 24 Mar 1896
Death 3 May 1986 (age 90) Scarborough
Burial 9 May 1986 Selby

Note on Husband: William Norwood CHEESMAN

Fellow of the Linnaean Society. President of the Mycological Society, a noted botanist and archaeologist. A detailed "In Memorium" was published (with photograph) in "The Naturalist" No. 828, January 1926. A superb photograph was published in another memorium in "The transactions of the British Mycological Society" Vol. XI, Parts I and II, 26 August 1926. At some stage he was Churchwarden at Selby Abbey.


It looks like WNC’s major contribution to Australian mycology was this paper:


Cheesman, W.N. & Lister, G. (1915). Mycetozoa of Australia and New Zealand. Journal of Botany 53: 203–212.


available to view at if you haven’t seen it otherwise. Sounds like he had a hectic month here in Australia, collecting slime moulds from a wide range of localities.