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Family of Percy CHEESMAN and Mabel Helen JACKSON

Husband: Percy CHEESMAN (1884-1967)
Wife: Mabel Helen JACKSON (1885-1953)
Children: Phyllis Mary CHEESMAN (1908-2003)
Marriage 3 Jul 1907

Husband: Percy CHEESMAN



Name: Percy CHEESMAN
Sex: Male
Father: William Norwood CHEESMAN (1847-1925)
Mother: Margaret Ellen BURTON (1858-1963)
Birth 26 Aug 1884
Residence 1953 (age 68-69) Pocklington, East Yorkshire
Death 27 Jan 1967 (age 82)

Wife: Mabel Helen JACKSON


Mabel Helen JACKSON

Name: Mabel Helen JACKSON
Sex: Female
Father: Henry JACKSON (1845- )
Mother: Annie Elizabeth STEAD (1861-1947)
Birth 11 Feb 1885
Residence btw 1930 and 1950 (age 44-65) Bridlington
Death 30 Jan 1953 (age 67) Bridlington
Cremation Bridlington Crematorium

Child 1: Phyllis Mary CHEESMAN


Phyllis Mary CHEESMAN


Spouse: Cyril Gordon BOOTH

Name: Phyllis Mary CHEESMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Cyril Gordon BOOTH (1906-2003)
Birth 4 Nov 1908 Selby
Christening Dec 1908 (age 0) Selby Abbey
Education btw 1913 and 1915 (age 4-7) at home by a governess; Selby
Education btw 1915 and 1917 (age 6-9) Moravian Girls' School; Fulneck, Pudsey
Education btw 1917 and 1922 (age 8-14) High School; Selby
Education btw 1922 and 1924 (age 13-16) Polam Hall; Darlington
Confirmation 29 Feb 1924 (age 15) Selby Abbey
Elected 1926 (age 17-18) Captain of Selby Ladies Golf Club; Selby
Keen golfer, swimmer, tennis & la crosse player.
Elected btw 1950 and 1969 (age 41-61) Justice of the Peace; West Riding of Yorkshire
Served on the Bench at Sherburn-in-Elmet and Otley.
Elected 1951 (age 42-43) President of Ilkley Golf Club; Ilkley
Death 21 Jul 2003 (age 94) Comrie, Perthshire

Note on Husband: Percy CHEESMAN

The last Cheesman of the drapers and furnishers shops in Selby. Cheesmans (Selby) Ltd. was founded in 1823 and sold to Wetherell's (the shop between the two Cheesman's shops) in the 1950's. The drapery department was in 15/16, The Crescent, Selby, and the furniture department was in No.13, with Wetherell's in No.14.

He was an athlete & sportsman. A Captain in the West Yorkshire 35th (Selby Company) infantry rifles wounded in the First World War, and taken prisoner. When he returned from the war the family lived above the shop's furniture department in No.13.

Note on Wife: Mabel Helen JACKSON

A motor cycle dispatch rider in the First World War, based at Montrose. Rode a Scott motorbike in a long skirt..


See for information on her 1933 MG car.