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Family of Thomas BRUMFIT and Mary

Husband: Thomas BRUMFIT (chr.1696, d.1766)
Wife: Mary (bur.1767)
Children: William BRUMFIT (chr.1727, bur.1768)
Isabella BRUMFIT (chr.1730)
Thomas BRUMFIT (chr.1732, bur.1760)
Richard BRUMFIT (chr.1734)
John BRUMFIT (chr.1736, d.1782)
George BRUMFIT (chr.1738)
Abraham BRUMFIT (chr.1742)
Edmund or Edward BRUMFITT (chr.1743, bur.1814)
Joseph BRUMFIT (chr.1746, bur.1747)
Joseph BRUMFIT (chr.1749)

Husband: Thomas BRUMFIT

Name: Thomas BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas BRUNFIT ( - )
Mother: -
Christening 31 Jan 1696 Ilkley
Death 23 Feb 1766
Burial Ilkley

Wife: Mary

Name: Mary
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death Wheatley, Ben Rhydding
Burial 18 Apr 1767 Ilkley

Child 1: William BRUMFIT

Name: William BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 25 Feb 1727
Burial 18 Aug 1768 Ilkley

Child 2: Isabella BRUMFIT

Name: Isabella BRUMFIT
Sex: Female
Christening 24 Jan 1730 Ilkley

Child 3: Thomas BRUMFIT

Name: Thomas BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 14 Jan 1732 Ilkley
Burial 29 Jul 1760 Ilkley

Child 4: Richard BRUMFIT

Name: Richard BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 26 Nov 1734 Ilkley

Child 5: John BRUMFIT

Name: John BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 28 Dec 1736 Ilkley
Death 30 Jun 1782
Burial 3 Jul 1782 Ilkley

Child 6: George BRUMFIT

Name: George BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth ( - )
Christening 25 Dec 1738 Otley

Child 7: Abraham BRUMFIT

Name: Abraham BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 30 May 1742 Otley

Child 8: Edmund or Edward BRUMFITT

Name: Edmund or Edward BRUMFITT
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susannah WHITAKER (chr.1747, d.1794)
Christening 27 Nov 1743 Otley
Residence Burley
"of Burley".
Burial 30 Mar 1814 Addingham
Bishops Transcripts, Ilkley 1813-1846:
No.21. Burial. Edward Brumfit, Addingham, March 30th 1814, 70years.

Child 9: Joseph BRUMFIT

Name: Joseph BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 11 Jul 1746 Otley
Burial 6 Mar 1747 Ilkley

Child 10: Joseph BRUMFIT

Name: Joseph BRUMFIT
Sex: Male
Christening 12 Feb 1749 Otley

Note on Husband: Thomas BRUMFIT

"of Ilkley, later of Burley".