Family of George STEPHENS and Mary SCOTT

Husband: George STEPHENS (1775- )
Wife: Mary SCOTT ( - )
Children: George STEPHENS (1806- )
James STEPHENS (1804- )

Husband: George STEPHENS



Name: George STEPHENS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1775 Montrose
Occupation Captain of Whaling Ships
Title Captain
Death "1822 ?" Swept overboard from the whaling ship "Norfolk" ?
Death 1822 (age 46-47) lost oberboard at sea

Wife: Mary SCOTT

Name: Mary SCOTT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: George STEPHENS

Name: George STEPHENS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth KELLY) ( - )
Birth 1806

Child 2: James STEPHENS

Name: James STEPHENS
Sex: Male
Birth 29 Aug 1804 Whitby
Baptism 1 Sep 1804 (age 0) St.Mary's Church, Whitby

Note on Husband: George STEPHENS

Captain of the whaling ships at Whitby, the "William & Ann" and the "Harmony" of which paintings have been held by the familty.


Extracts from Captains listed in Arctic Whalers, by Basil Lubbock. Lubbock states that he has tried to give a complete history of the whaling trade, its ships and seamen, from the earliest days right down to the outbreak of the Great War. See also the Whalers' Heritage Project . See also Some extracts taken from " A History of Whitby" by George Young, vol.II, 1817.

STEPHENS NORFOLK BERWICK 1822 (I spotted this entry - 1822 NORFOLK Capt. STEPHENS and 3 men swept overboard)

STEPHENS HARMONY WHITBY 1821, CAPTAIN STEVENS 8 fish. (her first whaling voyage was in 1819; Capt Baker was also the Captain in 1821 and she was lost in 1921)

STEVENS WILLIAM & ANN WHITBY 1810 TO 1816 (she first sailed in 1805, she had 13 fish (whales) in October 1824 from the Davis Strait, she was wrecked in ice in the David Straits in 1830 but Capt Terry and the crew were saved). The William & Ann, in 16 voyages caught 198 whales.

STEVENS was on the "OAK" from 1803 to 1806.