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Family of Benjamin BINNS and Mary BOTTOMLEY

Husband: Benjamin BINNS (1864-1949)
Wife: Mary BOTTOMLEY ( -1894)
Children: Stanley BINNS (1889- )
Marriage 1887

Husband: Benjamin BINNS

Name: Benjamin BINNS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Sep 1864 Rawdon
Occupation 1895 (age 30-31) Stonemason; Rawdon
Death Mar 1949 (age 84) Rawdon


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1894

Child 1: Stanley BINNS

Name: Stanley BINNS
Sex: Male
Birth 1889
Emigration 1912 (age 22-23) from Australia
Stanley emigrated to Australia in 1912 - he sailed from Grimsby to Antwerp on 25 September and then from Antwerp to Australia on SS Room arriving at Sydney on 15 November. Charles and his family followed shortly after. I {Mike Binns} have a copy of the passenger list for the ship Scharnhorst which sailed from Bremen to Sydney arriving there on 7 February 1913. They are listed as:

188 Mr. Chas. E. Rushworth Plumber 40
189 Mrs. Annie E. Rushworth 35
190 Miss Ethel Rushworth 25
191 Mr. John E. Rushworth 12
192 Child Mary Rushworth
193 Child Ada L. Rushworth

I think that they also must have joined the ship at Antwerp as I have a postcard which Ethel send to Minnie from there. It is postmarked 20 December 1912 and reads:

"Dear Brother and Sister.
We had an awful rough crossing from Grimsby to Antwerp all of us were sick but Charlie We arrived in Antwerp about half past eight We have been having a look round to day The eating as been very good so far on Sh Scharnhost. Give my love to them all.
your loving sister Ethel"