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Family of David GREEN and Ann RUSHWORTH

Husband: David GREEN ( - )
Wife: Ann RUSHWORTH (1807-1868)
Children: Elizabeth GREEN (1834- )
Marriage 1 Jan 1827 Ilkley1

Husband: David GREEN

Name: David GREEN
Sex: Male
Father: Jeremiah GREEN ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth LONGBOTTOM ( - )


Sex: Female
Father: Thomas RUSHWORTH (1779-1869)
Mother: Sarah BRUMFITT (1783- )
Birth 24 Apr 1807 Crawshaw, Ilkley
Christening 28 Jun 1807 (age 0) Addingham
Addingham PR p185 1807 bap 28 Jun Ann d. of Tho. Rushworth [as before] B. April 24 Bp. June 28.
Death 29 Feb 1868 (age 60)

Child 1: Elizabeth GREEN

Name: Elizabeth GREEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: James REEDAY ( - )
Birth 1834

Note on Husband: David GREEN

Email from Leslie Janzen <> on 7 may 2008 -




we are currently doing our family history. The name Ann Rushworth has come up and I was wondering if she was any relation to your family. Here is what I have on her:



Ann Rushworth

b. 24/04/1807 in Ilkley

christened 28/06/1807 at St Peter's Church, Addingham

d. 29/02/1868

her father was Thomas Rushworth

Mother: Sarah Brumfit

she married: David Green

son of Jeremiah Green and Elizabeth Longbottom




Leslie Janzen

Note on Wife: Ann RUSHWORTH

From: "megan wilcox" <>

To: "Edward Rushworth" <>

Subject: Re: [Rushworth] new member interests

Date: 02 November 2003 16:35


Hello Edward

May I say I am so impressed with your website and the data there. My data previously had come from afternoons spent in Skipton Library as well as the IGI. Your information confirms my findings -I think. David Green married Ann Rushworth in Ilkley in 1827 (IGI) and went on to have 6 children of whom my Eliz Green (Reeday) was eldest - there was also John, Thomas, Sarah, JamesBrumfit (connects) and Fanny. I cannot find another Ann Rushworth in the area who would be the right age

so I am assuming Ann is the one born in 1807 - marrying at 20/21. I need to see parish registers to confirm this - I think the data on your website has parish reg to 1812 only?


Megan Wilcox (nee Reeday)


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From: "Edward Rushworth" <>

To: "megan wilcox" <>

Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2003 3:58 PM

Subject: Re: [Rushworth] new member interests> Hello Megan,


I wonder if the Thomas Rushworth in your family is my 3x great grandfather who had a daughter Ann born 24 April 1807 at Crawshaw in Ilkley. She was christened on 28 June 1807 in Addingham. You will find the family on my website at and at . There are some Greens in this latter database I see. Can you give me any more detail about your Rushworth connections please?


Kind regards,

Edward Rushworth in bonnie Scotland.


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From: "megan wilcox" <>

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Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2003 6:31 PM

Subject: [Rushworth] new member interests



I have connections to thomas rushworth from addingham father of ann rushworth who married david green in ilkley in 1827 - their eldest daughter elizabeth born 1834 married james reeday of

hetton/rilstone in 1861 - my paternal gt gt grandparents. I am compiling a database of all reedays from 1837 to present- not quite grand enough to be a one name study! I am interested to make any links and also to know more about the Greens - their records go from silsden to carleton to ilkley - I suppose the mileage isn't that far..


Megan in cambridge uk


1"IGI". Married Ilkley 1 Jan 1827.