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Family of Thomas RISHFORTH

Partner: Thomas RISHFORTH (1712- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Mauger RISHFORTH (1740- )
Mary RISHFORTH (1743- )
Ann RISHFORTH (1748- )
Elizabeth RISHFORTH ( - )

Partner: Thomas RISHFORTH

Name: Thomas RISHFORTH
Sex: Male
Father: George RUSHFORTH (bur.1747)
Mother: Anna or Ann BAYNS (bur.1754)
Birth 25 Feb 1712 Ilkley1
Sheila Coe says:
Edward Rushworth's pedigree [Since alterd in accordance with the following], showing descent from Anthony Rushworth of Kildwick,shows Thomas of Ramsgill, 1704-71 with children Major (1740), Mary (1743) and Anne (1748). I believe these three were children of Thomas of Ling Park (1713-49), and, moreover, that they had a sister, Elizabeth, (baptism not found) who was the one to marry Zachariah Holmes at Ilkley 22.2.1757, rather than the one suggested in Collier's'Ilkley'. My reasons are these:

Thomas of Ling Park had a brother named Major (1715-63), showing the name was in use in this branch. It does not appear in the Kildwick/Ramsgill branch.This Major had a son named Major, who was a cabinet maker of York, and he in turn had a son, Major,christened 1770 in York.

The Major Rushworth born 1740 left a will, proved 1816 at York (vol.160 p.135) He is described as 'gentleman' of Leeds. He mentions his sister mary, wife of Joseph Lawford of Bingley, plumber & glazier, nephew Major Brown of the City of York (this is his sister Ann's son; she mar. Matthew Brown, 1771 Ilkley) ), niece Elizabeth wife of Benjamin Robinson (no marriage traced but sister Ann did have a daughter Elizabeth) He names Hannah, wife of John Rothwell jun. of Leeds, though he does not call her 'niece', but sister Ann had a daughter Hannah, and Hannah Brown mar. James Rothwell 1803 Leeds.

Major also makes two bequests to people in the Hampsthwaite area: John Rushworth of Darley in Forest of Knaresborough, Cordwainer (he was not the one who mar. Hannah Holmes, tho he mar. another Hannah, Hannah Fawcett, in 1772.) The other beneficiary was Ann, wife of Thomas Umpleby of Maynard in Forest of Knaresborough, tailor.. (Ann Rushworth mar. Thos. Umpleby 1808 Hampsthwaite) The Hampsthwaite Rushworths have long been a puzzle to me; this will makes it possible to fit them into a rudimentary tree, most likely stemming from the George who mar. Anne Thackeray at Otley in 1742. This George was son of George/Anne Baines, chr. 17

Child 1: Mauger RISHFORTH

Name: Mauger RISHFORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1740
Christening 4 Mar 1740 (age 0) Ilkley2

Child 2: Mary RISHFORTH

Sex: Female
Birth 1743
Christening 29 Jan 1743 (age 0) Ilkley (1742/3)
Ilkley Parish Register (page 101): "1742 - Mary Daughter of Thomas Rishforth, Ilkley." Ilkley PR microfiche and "Ilkley: Ancient & Modern", 1743.

Child 3: Ann RISHFORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse: Mathew BROWN ( - )
Birth 1748
Christening 5 Jun 1748 (age 0) Ilkley
Ann, was baptised on 5the June 1748, which suggests that her mother Sarah probably died in childbirth. Ilkley Parish register simply records the baptism as "Daughter of Thomas Rishworth of Ilkley".

Child 4: Elizabeth RISHFORTH

Name: Elizabeth RISHFORTH
Sex: Female


1"Ilkley Parish Register 1597-1812". 1712 (Baptism 25 Feb) Thomas the son of George Rishforth of Ilkley.
2Ibid. 1740 (Baptism 4 Mar) Mauger son of Tho. Rishforth of Ilkley.