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Family of John of Kinsley RISHWORTH and Agnes LUCE

Husband: John of Kinsley RISHWORTH ( -1597)
Wife: Agnes LUCE ( - )
Children: John RUSHWORTH ( - )
Bryan RUSHWORTH ( - )
Francis RUSHWORTH ( - )
Robert RUSHWORTH ( - )
Marriage Dec 1564

Husband: John of Kinsley RISHWORTH

Name: John of Kinsley RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: John RISHWORTH (1502-1575)
Mother: Agnes PARKER (1504-1564)
Occupation Yeoman and Bradford Clothier; Kinsley
Residence Shibden
Possessions 1560 Lands at Shelf and Great Horton
Bought reversion of lands in Shelf and Great Horton from Alexander in 1560.
Death 1597 Hemsworth
Described as of Shipden par. Bradford, Clothier 1597.

Wife: Agnes LUCE

Name: Agnes LUCE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John RUSHWORTH

Sex: Male

Child 2: Bryan RUSHWORTH

Sex: Male

Child 3: Francis RUSHWORTH

Name: Francis RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male

Child 4: Robert RUSHWORTH

Name: Robert RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male