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Family of John RUSHWORTH and Sarah CROMACK

Husband: John RUSHWORTH (1734-1820)
Wife: Sarah CROMACK (1745-1821)
Children: Sarah RUSHWORTH (chr.1776)
Thomas RUSHWORTH (1779-1869)
Ann RUSHWORTH (1782- )
Marriage 16 Jan 1775 Ilkley
Ilkley Parish Register (page 221): "1775 - John Rushworth of this Par., Yeoman
& a Bachelor, & Sarah Cromack of this Par., by Licence. Witnesses Wm Clough &
Wm Smith. 16 Jan".

Husband: John RUSHWORTH

Sex: Male
Father: Thomas RISHWORTH (1704-1771)
Mother: Sarah COWLING (chr.1707, bur.1748)
Birth 1734
Christening 27 Aug 1734 (age 0) Ilkley
Ilkley Parish Register [Book YPRS-88, 929.3, page 98] gives baptism as "1733 -
Aug. 27 John son of Thomas Rishworth of Ramsgill, yeoman", but microfiche and
"Ilkley: Ancient & Modern" both give year as 1734. Bishops Transcripts [Ilkley
1813-1846 No.124] gives burial as "John Rishworth, Yeoman, Ramsgill, March
14th, 1820, 85yrs."
Occupation Yeoman farmer; Crawshaw and/or Ramsgill in Ilkley Parish.
Notes from "Ilkley: Ancient & Modern":
page 235, RUSHFORTH
"John, bap. 1734, of Ramsgill, yeoman, Woodhouse and Crayshaw, d.3 Mch., 1820,
aged 85."
page 224, "CRAWSHAY. - Richard, of Woodhouse, sometimes called Crawshay after
him, buried May 19, 1676. Helena, his wife, was buried Feb. 15, 1675. Their
sons were Richard, of Nether Woodhouse, yeoman, died 1721, will proved same
year; and John, of Woodhouse, yeoman, died 1718. Harrison, son of John died
Death 3 Mar 1820 (age 85-86) Ilkley
Burial 14 Mar 1820 Ilkley1
Ilkley Memorial Inscription No.169, page 59, "RUSHWORTH. In memory of John
Rushworth of Ramsgill in this parish who died the 3rd day of March 1820 in the
86th year of his age. Also on the south side of this stone lies the remains of
Sarah the wife of the above said John Rushworth of Ramsgill who died December
16 1821 in the 96th year of his age. Though God did please by death to seize
and little warning gave, But yet we trust she's gone to Christ, Who Dyd her
soul to save."

Wife: Sarah CROMACK

Name: Sarah CROMACK
Sex: Female
Father: John CRUMOCK (chr.1711)
Mother: -
Birth 1745 Napple Ing, Bingley
Death 16 Dec 1821 (age 75-76)
Burial 19 Dec 1821 Ilkley

Child 1: Sarah RUSHWORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles HORNSHAW ( - )
Christening 19 May 1776 Ilkley
Ilkley Parish Register (page 116 - baptisms): "1775 May 19 Sarah dau.of John Rushworth of Woodhouse", also note an entry "1775 Mar 9 Sarah dau. of John Rushworth of Lingpark, farmer" The above first mentioned Sarah evidently belongs to this family, although she was not included in Michael Hopkinson's original research. However, this family evidently belong to Woodhouse according to other noted entries, but in both Ilkley PR microfiche and "Ilkley: Ancient & Modern" the year is given as 1776.

Child 2: Thomas RUSHWORTH



Name: Thomas RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sarah BRUMFITT (1783- )
Birth 12 Aug 1779 Ilkley
Ilkley Parish Register (page 120): "1779. Thomas, son of John Rushworth of Ramsgill & Sarah his wife, ye dau. of Jno. Cromack of Bingley, Labourer, their son born Aug 12 and baptized 19 Sep".
Christening 19 Sep 1779 (age 0) Ilkley
Occupation Yeoman farmer.; Ramsgill, Ilkley.
Census "1841 to 1871" Ramsgill, Ilkley.

1841 - Ilkley Urban District
"Ilkley known as West Out Quarter which lies on the North side of Otley and Skipton turnpike road."
Thomas Rushworth 60 yrs Farmer
Sarah 60
William 20 Farmer
Isabella 20

1851 - Ilkley
Thomas Rushworth 68? Proprieter of 45 acres b. Ilkley
Sarah 49? Farmers wife b. Burley
Edward Son 37 Farmer employed at home b. Ilkley
William Son 33 " " " " b. Ilkley
Isabella Holmes Dau-in-law 30 Widow House Assistant b. Ilkley
Mary Jane Holmes Grand-dau 13months b. Ilkley
NOTE: There was evidently only the one Edward christened in either Ilkley orAddingham about this time; he may have been 1 or 2 years old when he waschristened on 19 February 1815. Isabella is evidently recorded wrongly as daughter-in-law insted of daughter. The ages of the husband and wife (Thomas and Sarah) were recorded respectively as 49 (although the 9 is not clear) and 68 in the census return, but then had markings transposing their ages; both ages were obviously wrong and should both have been about 70 when compared with the '41 and '51 census returns.

1861 - Ilkley, Ramsgill
Thomas Rushworth Married 81 yrs Farmer 42 acres/labr b.Ilkley
Sarah Married 80 Farmers Wife b.Burley
Edward Unmarried 47 2nd Farm Labourer b. Ilkley
Isabella Holmes Widow 40 Dairymaid b. Ilkley
Mary Jane Holmes Grand Dau 11 Scholar b. Addingham
John Walker Servant 30 Unmarried Carter b. Ilkley

1871 - Ilkley
No Rushworth at Ramsgill
Death 22 Dec 1869 (age 90) Ilkley2
The “Ilkley Gazette” of Thursday December 30th 1869 has the death entry “Rushworth - on 22nd inst, in the 91st year of his age, Thomas Rushworth, farmer of Ramsgill.
Burial 27 Dec 1869 Ilkley

Child 3: Ann RUSHWORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin ALLEN ( - )
Birth 25 Jan 1782 Crayshaw, Ilkley
Ilkley PR 1782 Feb 24 Ann ye daughter of John Rushworth of Crayshaw, Grazier, &
Sarah his Wife, Born ye 25th Jany, Baptized ye 24th Feby.
Christening 24 Feb 1782 (age 0) Ilkley

Note on Wife: Sarah CROMACK

Bishops Transcripts (Ilkley 1813-1846, No.160) gives burial of "Sarah

Rushworth, Widow, Ramsgill, Dec 19th 1821, 75years".


1"Ilkley Bishops Transcripts 1813-1846". 1820 (Burial) John Rishworth, Yeoman, Ramsgill, March 14th 1820, 85.
2"1870 Ramsgill Estate Abstract of the Title of the Devisees in trust and Exo’rs under the Will of Thos. Rushworth dec’ed to an Estate called Ramsgill situated in the Parishes of Ilkley and Addingham in the West Riding of the Co’y of York." (Summary of information extracted by Edward Rushworth in 1998 from a photocopy made from the original in the posession of Kate Mason, Reynards Ing Farm, Addingham Moorside.). The “Ilkley Gazette” of Thursday December 30th 1869 has the death. Assessment: Primary evidence.