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Family of Sir George BOOTH and Elizabeth GREY

Husband: Sir George BOOTH (1622-1684)
Wife: Elizabeth GREY ( - )

Husband: Sir George BOOTH

Name: Sir George BOOTH
Sex: Male
Father: William BOOTH (1601-1636)
Mother: Vere EGERTON ( - )
Birth Aug 1622
Misc 20 Apr 1661 (age 38) Created Baron Delamere
Death 8 Aug 1684 (age 61-62) Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Wife: Elizabeth GREY

Name: Elizabeth GREY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Marriage

These descendants carried the title of Lord Delamere.

Note on Husband: Sir George BOOTH

Created 1st Baron Delamere on 20 April 1661 - held the title Lords Delamere,

Earls of Warrington. Resided at Dunham Massey in the County of Chester.

Took up arms with the Parliamentry forces in the Civil War but later joined the



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"Delamere (of Dunham Massie), George Booth, 1st Baron" Encyclopædia Britannica Online.


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George Booth, 1st Baron Delamere (of Dunham Massie),

b. August 1622

d. Aug. 8, 1684, Dunham Massey, Cheshire, Eng.also called (1636-61) SIR GEORGE BOOTH, 2ND BARONET, English politician who led an abortive Royalist revolt against the Commonwealth government in August 1659. His insurrection foreshadowed the Royalist upsurge that resulted in the restoration of the Stuart monarchy in 1660.

Booth sat in the Long Parliament in 1645 and, during Oliver Cromwell's Protectorate, in the Parliaments of 1654 and 1656. In 1655 he was appointed military commissioner for Cheshire and treasurer at war. But after a group of army officers seized power from Cromwell's son and successor, Richard, in May 1659, Booth was barred from Parliament. He therefore joined the Presbyterian Royalists in plotting widespread revolts in England. On August 19 he seized Cheshire, but by this time the uprisings elsewhere had already failed. Gen. John Lambert then defeated his forces at Nantwich Bridge, and Booth fled, disguised as a woman. He was discovered and apprehended on August 23 and committed to the Tower of London. After the defeat of Lambert by the Royalists in January 1660, Booth was released. He sat in the Convention Parliament that invited Charles II to return from exile (May 1660) to assume the English throne, and in 1661 he was made Baron Delamere. Booth thereafter participated in local politics and in national issues that came before the House of Lords. He was concerned with the rights of Protestant Nonconformists.

Note on Wife: Elizabeth GREY

Daughter of the Earl of Stamford.