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Family of Nathaniel BOOTH and Alice ASHWORTH

Husband: Nathaniel BOOTH (1732-1816)
Wife: Alice ASHWORTH ( - )
Children: John BOOTH (1758-1765)
James BOOTH (1759-1827)
Ann BOOTH (1762-1835)
Elizabeth BOOTH (1766-1811)
Mary BOOTH (1768-1852)
Alice BOOTH (1773- )
Hannah BOOTH (1774- )
Agnes BOOTH (1776-1853)

Husband: Nathaniel BOOTH

Name: Nathaniel BOOTH
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph BOOTH (1694-1761)
Mother: Anne SYKES ( -1749)
Birth 22 Feb 1732
Occupation Schoolmaster
Death 26 Nov 1816 (age 84)

Wife: Alice ASHWORTH

Name: Alice ASHWORTH
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas ASHWORTH ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: John BOOTH

Name: John BOOTH
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Jun 1758
Death 3 Sep 1765 (age 7)

Child 2: James BOOTH

Name: James BOOTH
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Mary ELLIOT ( - )
Spouse 2: Elizabeth BIRDSALL ( - )
Birth 20 Nov 1759
Death 18 Jul 1827 (age 67)

Child 3: Ann BOOTH

Name: Ann BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel CROWTHER (1764-1840)
Birth 1 Jul 1762
Death 26 Jan 1835 (age 72)

Child 4: Elizabeth BOOTH

Name: Elizabeth BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph BOOTH (1769-1834)
Birth 11 Aug 1766
Death 25 Sep 1811 (age 45)

Child 5: Mary BOOTH

Name: Mary BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: John ACKROYD ( - )
Birth 12 Dec 1768
Death 9 Feb 1852 (age 83)

Child 6: Alice BOOTH

Name: Alice BOOTH
Sex: Female
Birth 1773

Child 7: Hannah BOOTH

Name: Hannah BOOTH
Sex: Female
Birth 1774

Child 8: Agnes BOOTH

Name: Agnes BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: William (Reverend) TATE ( - )
Birth 1776
Death 1853 (age 76-77)

Note on Marriage

Email from Mary Skipworth <> 19 Sept 2008 =


Hello Edward


I am currently revising a document written some 25 years ago with regard to my Booth and Ashworth ancestors. It appears that we both share a descent from Nathaniel Booth and Alice Ashworth.


I have seen a copy of P H Booth’s book “History of Gildersome and the Booth family” although it is located a day’s journey from here so I cannot consult it readily, but must rely on my old notes – which are not as clear as I would like unfortunately.


When I was working previously I made contact by chance with a Dr Hetherington of Birmingham, because of a link between our Ashworths and Dr Joseph Priestley. Hetherington in turn put me in touch with John Nussey of Chester who went to some trouble to point out the errors in P H Booth’s book, one of which you are apparently aware of, judging from the home page of your website. However, John also went to some trouble to discuss Alice Ashworth’s relationships, so I am taking the liberty of copying his letter for your information (below).


I realise that it appears to be 5 years since you worked on your website, and I will understand if you do not wish to revisit the question of the Ashworths.


My own “story” is not quite ready for the web as yet, though very close. It will be published on which currently shows “HOGDSON…. coming.” The Booth/Ashworth connection is mentioned in passing at page 27 of “Lee and Hodgson families” already on the website.


With kind regards from your very distant (possibly 6th ?) cousin in New Zealand


Mary Skipworth


---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------


22 St George's Crescent, Queen's Park, Chester 31 August 1980,


Dear Mrs Skipworth


I hope you will forgive my venturing to write to you, but I have come to hear in a somewhat roundabout way of your interest in a possible connection via the Booths and Ashworths of Gildersome with the Priestley family of Fieldhead. My own family history is very deeply involved with this area, and the Booths you mention were cousins of my own Booth ancestors, one of whom was Nathaniel Booth of Staincliffe in Batley parish mentioned in P H Booth's book "History of Gildersome and the Booth family."


I have been working on family history in the Batley/Birstall area for a long time, and one of the things I have come to realise is that what are regarded as the authorities (e.g. P.H. Booth's "History", Michael Sheard's "Records of the parish of Batley") are not always correct in their statements. I think there are two errors in P H Booth's "History" which you may be glad to know about.


1. The detailed family tree of the Ashworths of Gildersome is very difficult to arrive at because, being Baptists, they did not have their children baptised at birth. In most cases, therefore, no records which pinpoint the year of birth, or which even mention the children, are available. From various sources, however, I have built up a limited, but I believe accurate tree of the main part of the Ashworth family.


It is fairly clear that Thomas Ashworth who married Mary Priestley in 1757 had three daughters who survived beyond infancy, and no more. Invariably, when the daughters are referred to in other sources it is as "three sisters". One was Phoebe, who married the Rev Hammond Roberson of Liversedge. A second was Dorothy, who married Joseph Wetherill (whose brother John was ancestor of a branch of my Nussey cousins of Leeds). The third one was Hannah, who died in 1802 aged 41. There had been a fourth daughter, Mary, but she died in infancy.


The Alice Ashworth who married Nathaniel Booth could hardly then have been a daughter of Thomas and Mary, as P H Booth suggests. In fact, it is quite impossible, for Alice was born (according to PHB) on 26 Feb 1735 (her husband was born in 1732), more than 20 years before Thomas Ashworth married. She was baptised on 8th Feb 1756, but this was in adulthood.


In some papers in Leeds archives of another Gildersome family connected with the Booths - the Bilboroughs, who prove on other points to be well-informed - Alice is referred to as the niece of the Rev. Thomas Ashworth, and sister of the Rev James Ashworth (nephew of Thomas) who succeeded Thomas as minister at the Gildersome chapel. This fits in with other information that I have, and I believe it to be correct.


Again, becaue of the absence of the usual baptismal records, there seems to be no record of Alice's father, as such. But he was clearly a brother of Thomas Ashworth, and a son of Richard Ashworth, Baptist minister in Rossendale, Lancashire (near Rawenstall), which was the source of these Ashworths. Besides Thomas, Richard had at least 3 sons: Richard, James and Caleb. There was possibly a fourth, John. Caleb is fairly well known and I think can be omitted (or at least researched). Richard doed not seem to have appeared at Gildersome. But whether James or John was Alice's father I cannot (on present evidence) tell.


The Mary Priestley who married Thomas Ashworth was thus a sister-in-law of Alice's father (whichever he was). She was born in 1722 or 1723 (she died 6th April 1787 aged 64), and her father John (1695-1786) of Fieldhead, Birstall, was an elder brother of Jonas (1700-1779), the father of Dr Joseph Priestley.


2. Another error made by P H Booth is the statement that his ancestor Nathaniel Booth of Staincliffe Hall, Batley, fled to Batley from Cheshire "in troubled times." He is supposed to have been a son of Sir William Booth of Dunham Massey. I went into this on the Cheshire side, for there was also on my side of the family a story of one of my Booth ancestors being heir to the title of Delamere. But although there was a Nathaniel Booth in the Delamere family in this period, he lived and died in Cheshire. It was his son, another Nathaniel, who made a cousin in the younger generation, Nathaniel of Hampstead, his heir. This third Cheshire Nathaniel Booth succeeded to the barony of Delamere, which became extinct when he died in 1770.


What P H Booth seems to have remained ignorant of is that there were a whole lot of Booths in Birstall parish who also went in for the name Nathaniel. Later I found that John Booth of Popeley Hall, Birstall, in his will dated 14th Dec 1674 appointed, as one of two supervisors of his will "my brother Nathaniel Booth of Staincliffe, yeoman." This was the Nathaniel Booth whom P H Booth supposed fled from Cheshire. But in reality he was a younger son of Nathaniel Booth of Popeley, Birstall, and his (second) wife Mary Wray, baptised at Birstall 25th June 1631. The father, Nathaniel Booth of Popeley, came from Halifax parish, where Booths were pretty numerous. The fact that Nathaniel Booth of Staincliffe referred to in the will had his son Nathaniel baptised at Birstall and not Batley first suggested to me that he came from the Birstall family. Neither P H Booth nor Michael Sheard seem to have paid attention to this.


I am afraid this is just one more family tradition which has no foundation in fact. There was a William Booth in some quite different part of Yorkshire (connected with the family of John Peebles of Dewsbury) who is stated to have come from Cheshire. Perhaps he gave rise to the story.


Michael Sheard's error on the Booths is hsi statement that Nathaniel Booth, schoolmaster of Batley Grammar School, was the son of nathaniel Booth junior of Staincliffe Hall. Sheard too seems to have been unaware of the Birstall Booths, for in fact the schoolmaster was one of them.


I hope that at least this will help to keep you along the fight lines. I hate to think of interested people being misled - and it is sometimes very difficult to arrive at the truth. ........ Yours sincerely John Nussey