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Family of Robert RISHWORTH and Ellen PASLEW

Husband: Robert RISHWORTH (1542-1602)
Wife: Ellen PASLEW ( -1605)
Children: Elizabeth RISHWORTH (chr.1578, bur.1600)
John RISHWORTH (1577-1655)
Jane RISHWORTH ( - )

Husband: Robert RISHWORTH

Name: Robert RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: John RISHWORTH (1502-1575)
Mother: Agnes PARKER (1504-1564)
Birth 1542
Residence Keighley
Possessions Riddlesden Estate etc.
Will 1602 (age 59-60)
Mentions sister Luce.
Left about half the lands of Riddlesden and half the manor house to his wife Ellen for 40 years, if she lived so long, with reversion to son John. To John he left the rest of the Riddlesden estate together with lands in Marley, Thwaites Bank, Morton, Bingley and Keighley, charged with £250 to be paid to John's sister, Jane Rishworth.
Death 1602 (age 59-60) Keighley

Wife: Ellen PASLEW

Name: Ellen PASLEW
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 1605
Burial 31 Jul 1605 Bingley

Child 1: Elizabeth RISHWORTH

Name: Elizabeth RISHWORTH
Sex: Female
Christening 19 Oct 1578 Bingley
Burial 17 Jan 1600 Bingley

Child 2: John RISHWORTH

Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann TOWNLEY ( -1652)
Birth 3 Nov 1577
Christening 3 Jan 1581 (age 3) Bingley
Death 1655 (age 77-78)

Child 3: Jane RISHWORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse: William BAILDON (1580- )

Note on Marriage

According to J Horsfall Turner, at page 219, in "Ancient Bingley......", 1897,

Ellen Married John, not Robert, although Robert is given as the husband of

Ellen Paslew by the curator of Riddlesden Hall (in 1996).

Note on Husband: Robert RISHWORTH

See information on " The Rishworths - Lords of Riddlesden".