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Family of Robert de RISHWORTH and Christine de CALDLEY

Husband: Robert de RISHWORTH (c. 1290-c. 1345)
Wife: Christine de CALDLEY ( - )
Children: Nicholas de RISHWORTH (c. 1320- )
Henry de RYSSEWORTH ( -1371)

Husband: Robert de RISHWORTH

Name: Robert de RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas RISHWORTH ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 1290
Living btw 1290 and 1345 (age 0-55)
Death c. 1345 (age 54-55)

Wife: Christine de CALDLEY

Name: Christine de CALDLEY
Sex: Female
Father: de CALDLEY ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: Nicholas de RISHWORTH

Name: Nicholas de RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen ( - )
Birth c. 1320
Living 1351 (age 30-31)
Misc 1371 (age 50-51) Granted tenement of Norwode by Henry Rishworth

Child 2: Henry de RYSSEWORTH

Name: Henry de RYSSEWORTH
Sex: Male
Occupation Merchant, Forrester
Residence Hipperholme
Living 1339
Death 1371
Prof Frank Rishworth had death as about 1417.

Note on Marriage

According to Phillip Rushworth this Robert had two marriages, both to unknown


Note on Wife: Christine de CALDLEY

Sister of Henry de Caldley of Coley.