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Family of John RISHWORTH and Agnes PARKER

Husband: John RISHWORTH (1502-1575)
Wife: Agnes PARKER (1504-1564)
Children: Alexander RISHWORTH ( -1591)
John of Kinsley RISHWORTH ( -1597)
Robert RISHWORTH (1542-1602)
Thomas RISHWORTH ( -1604)
Elizabeth RISHWORTH ( - )
Joan RISHWORTH ( - )
Marriage 1529 Coley

Husband: John RISHWORTH

Sex: Male
Father: Alexander RISHWORTH (c. 1470- )
Mother: Grace TOWNLEY ( - )
Birth 1502
Leased Coley Hall from grandfather; in the deed he was referred to as John Rishworth of Collya (Cowling, Parish of Kildwick). Full possession of Coley estate in 1537. Aquired Stanroyde Hall, Greenfield, near Colne through marriage, where he spent most of his time.
Will 1575 (age 72-73)
John, Lawrence, and Cecilie (issue of Alexander) mentioned in will. Will available at Lancashire County Records' Office.
Death 1575 (age 72-73)

Wife: Agnes PARKER

Name: Agnes PARKER
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas PARKER ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1504 Halifax
Death 1564 (age 59-60)
Burial 1564 Halifax

Child 1: Alexander RISHWORTH

Name: Alexander RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: J. P.
Spouse: Beatrice Tempest ( - )
Title J. P.
Occupation Gent
Residence Heath near Wakefield.
Possessions 1578 Coley Hall estates which he sold to Richard Sutherland
Possessions land in Great Horton and Shelf which he sold to his brothers John and Robert; 1560
Death 1591
Misc Justice of the Peace of West Riding of Yorkshire

Child 2: John of Kinsley RISHWORTH

Name: John of Kinsley RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes LUCE ( - )
Occupation Yeoman and Bradford Clothier; Kinsley
Residence Shibden
Possessions 1560 Lands at Shelf and Great Horton
Bought reversion of lands in Shelf and Great Horton from Alexander in 1560.
Death 1597 Hemsworth
Described as of Shipden par. Bradford, Clothier 1597.

Child 3: Robert RISHWORTH

Name: Robert RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ann TOWNLEY ( - )
Spouse 2: Ellen PASLEW ( -1605)
Birth 1542
Residence Keighley
Possessions Riddlesden Estate etc.
Will 1602 (age 59-60)
Mentions sister Luce.
Left about half the lands of Riddlesden and half the manor house to his wife Ellen for 40 years, if she lived so long, with reversion to son John. To John he left the rest of the Riddlesden estate together with lands in Marley, Thwaites Bank, Morton, Bingley and Keighley, charged with £250 to be paid to John's sister, Jane Rishworth.
Death 1602 (age 59-60) Keighley

Child 4: Thomas RISHWORTH

Name: Thomas RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Johanna WHITELEY ( - )
Occupation Gentleman of Stanroyde; Colne
Possessions 1566 Stanroyde; Colne
Given by father
Death 1604 Colne
Burial Apr 1604 Colne

Child 5: Elizabeth RISHWORTH

Name: Elizabeth RISHWORTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: John GASCOIGNE

Child 6: Joan RISHWORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse 1: HERTELEY
Spouse 2: Lawrence WHITTIKER

Note on Marriage

According to J H Turner at page 219 in "Ancient Bingley.....", 1897, "John

Rishworth, of Coley and his son Alexander (whose wife was named Beatrix)

disposed of Coley to the Sunderlands".

Note on Husband: John RISHWORTH