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Family of Anthony RISHWORTH and Francisca

Husband: Anthony RISHWORTH (bur.1640)
Wife: Francisca (bur.1619)
Children: William RISHWORTH (chr.1619, bur.1691)

Husband: Anthony RISHWORTH

Name: Anthony RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas RISHWORTH ( - )
Mother: Ann ( - )
Burial 17 Jul 1640 Bingley1

Wife: Francisca

Name: Francisca
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 8 Feb 1619 Ilkley [1619/20]

Child 1: William RISHWORTH

Name: William RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary DRIVER (bur.1676)
Christening 20 Nov 1619 Keighley
Burial 22 Jun 1691 Bingley

Note on Marriage

Keighley Parish Register has the entry, "Nov 1619 William the son of Anthony

Rishworth baptized the xxjth day". This is likely to be the 'lost connection'

in "Ilkley: Ancient and Modern".

Note on Wife: Francisca

Ilkley PR burial - Francisca RISHWORTH..


1"Bingley Parish Registers 1577-1686 in Bradford City Library.". Burial. 1640 July 17 Anthony Rishwoorth de West Mortonne.
Bradford City Library.