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Family of William RISHWORTH and Ann LAMBERT

Husband: William RISHWORTH (b.1707, bur.1777)
Wife: Ann LAMBERT (c. 1717-1789)
Children: Hannah RISHWORTH (chr.1742, bur.1749)
John RISHWORTH (chr.1744, d.1803)
Mary RISHWORTH (chr.1747, d.1786)
William RISHWORTH (b.1749, bur.1770)
George RISHWORTH (chr.1754)
Henry RUSHWORTH (chr.1757, d.1810)
Ann RISHWORTH (chr.1760)
Thomas RISHWORTH ( -1788)
Nancy RUSHWORTH ( - )
Marriage 28 May 1741 Addingham

Husband: William RISHWORTH

Name: William RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas RISHWORTH (b.1654, bur.1738)
Mother: Jane STIRK (b.1669, bur.1750)
Birth 1707
Christening 3 Nov 1707 (age 0) Addingham
Addingham PR p73 1707 bap 3 Nov William son of Thomas Rishforth
Occupation Yeoman; Moorside, Addingham.
Burial 6 Apr 1777 Addingham
Addingham PR p154 1777 bur 6 Apr William - Rushworth - Third Son of Thos. Rushworth of Moorside Yeoman by Jane D. of Francis Stirk of Silsden Moor Yeoman - on Sunday the 6th April In the Church Yard - Seventy One - Consumption.
Living Moorside, Addingham.


Sex: Female
Father: Robert LAMBERT (chr.1665)
Mother: -
Birth c. 1717
Death 11 May 1789 (age 71-72) Addingham
Burial 14 May 1789 Addingham
Addingham PR p160: 1789 Ann Rushworth d. of Robt. Lambert of Doublestones fmr. D.11 B.14 May. 72y. Old age.

Child 1: Hannah RISHWORTH

Name: Hannah RISHWORTH
Sex: Female
Christening 29 Mar 1742 Addingham
Burial 23 May 1749 Addingham

Child 2: John RISHWORTH

Sex: Male
Christening 4 Mar 1744 Addingham
Death 15 Jun 1803 Moorside (58y gradual decline)
Burial 19 Jun 1803 Addingham

Child 3: Mary RISHWORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph SUMMERSCALE ( - )
Christening 30 Aug 1747 Addingham
Death 1 Jul 1786 (38y Fever)
Burial 4 Jul 1786 Addingham

Child 4: William RISHWORTH

Name: William RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 3 Sep 1749 Addingham
Burial 12 Nov 1770 Addingham

Child 5: George RISHWORTH

Name: George RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Christening 3 Oct 1754 Addingham

Child 6: Henry RUSHWORTH

Sex: Male
Spouse: Martha WILSON ( -1796)
Christening 4 Jul 1757 Addingham
Death 23 Jun 1810 Moorside (53y sudden death inflamn bowels)
Burial 24 Jun 1810 Addingham

Child 7: Ann RISHWORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 3 Jul 1760 Addingham

Child 8: Thomas RISHWORTH

Name: Thomas RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth ca. 1752
Death 15 Jan 1788 (36y consumption)
Burial 18 Jan 1788 Addingham
Addingham PR p159 1788 bur 18 Jan Tho. s. of Wm Rushworth of Moorside yeo. by Ann d. of Robt. Lambert of Doublestones p. Kildwick fmr. D. 15 B. 18 Jan. 1788. 36y. conspn.

Child 9: Nancy RUSHWORTH

Sex: Female
Spouse: John BATTY ( - )

Note on Marriage

There is an Addigham Burial recorded as RUSHWORTH, Thomas son of William = Ann

of Moorside, Yeoman, died 15.1.1788, bur. 18.1.1788, aged 36 years,

consumption. It seems likely that this would be an unmarried son of this family.

Note on Wife: Ann LAMBERT

The Addingham burial record is, RUSHWORTH, Ann daughter of Robert Lambert of

Doublestone, farmer, died 11.5.1789, bur. 14.5.1789, aged 72 years, old age.