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Family of Thomas RISHWORTH and Ann BOULTON

Husband: Thomas RISHWORTH (chr.1607, d.1699)
Wife: Ann BOULTON (bur.1693)
Children: John RISHWORTH (1646- )
William RISHWORTH (1648-1705)
Thomas RISHWORTH (b.1654, bur.1738)
Anthonie RUSHFORTH (b.1658, bur.1676)
Marriage 26 Feb 1645 Addingham1

Husband: Thomas RISHWORTH

Name: Thomas RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: Anthony RISHWORTH (bur.1640)
Mother: Isabell (bur.1636)
Christening 30 Aug 1607 Keighley2
Occupation Farmer; Gilgrange
Death 1699
Burial 7 Apr 1699 Kildwick3
Living "1676, 1693, 1699" Gilgrange


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 29 Dec 1693 Kildwick4

Child 1: John RISHWORTH

Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann HORSFALL ( - )
Birth 1646
Christening 24 Jun 1646 (age 0) Kildwick
Living 1680 (age 33-34) Gilgrange5

Child 2: William RISHWORTH

Name: William RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth MOORHOUSE ( - )
Birth 1648
Christening 29 Oct 1648 (age 0) Silsden, Kildwick Parish6
Residence Kildwick
Living 1702 (age 53-54) Gilgrange
Will 2 Jun 1705 (age 56-57) Gilgrange7
This Will shows that:
William Rishworth, yeoman of Gilgrange, also with property at Eastburn and Addingham Moorside made his Will on 2 June 1705 and had obviously died by the date of the Inventry on 31 Jul 1705, and that he had a wife Elizabeth, son Thomas, daughter Anne, and brothers John and Thomas.
Death 12 Jun 1705 (age 56-57) Kildwick
Burial 1705 Kildwick
Possessions 1794 (age 145-146) 55 acres land, two dwellings, two barns.; Eastburn
Purchased from his wife's brother fo £475.
AKA Guilielmus

Child 3: Thomas RISHWORTH

Name: Thomas RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane STIRK (b.1669, bur.1750)
Birth 1654
Christening 5 Jan 1654 (age 0) Kildwick8
It is debateable as to whether or not this Thomas is the son of Thomas and Ann or Thomas and Elizabeth (all of Gilgrange) - see Kildwick PR.
Occupation Yeoman; Moorside, Addingham.
Burial 3 Feb 1738 Addingham
Addingham PR p88 1738 bur 3 Feb Thomas Rishworth.
Living Addingham Moorside

Child 4: Anthonie RUSHFORTH

Name: Anthonie RUSHFORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1658
Christening 11 Apr 1658 (age 0) Kildwick9
Burial 5 Apr 1676 Kildwick10

Note on Husband: Thomas RISHWORTH

"Senex pater familias" of Gilgrange [Ghyll Grange by Silsden].


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