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Family of John Thomas RUSHWORTH and Maria BRELLISFORD

Husband: John Thomas RUSHWORTH (1867-1927)
Wife: Maria BRELLISFORD (1864-1953)
Children: Alec Brellisford RUSHWORTH (1896-1916)
Thomas Edward RUSHWORTH (1898-1917)
Mary Alice RUSHWORTH (1900-1970)
Edith Annie RUSHWORTH (1901-1904)
John Henry RUSHWORTH (1903-1990)
George Wilfred RUSHWORTH (1905-1981)
Marjorie RUSHWORTH (1906-1983)
Jessie RUSHWORTH (1909-1988)
Marriage 27 Sep 1893 Rawdon, Leeds

Husband: John Thomas RUSHWORTH


John Thomas RUSHWORTH, 1914, age 47

Name: John Thomas RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas RUSHWORTH (1834-1897)
Mother: Susannah YEADON (1837-1888)
Birth 2 Feb 1867 Manningham, Bradford
Occupation Farmer; Eastbrook Farm, Rawdon, and North Ives Farm, Horsforth
Census 1910 (age 42-43) Horsforth
Death 28 Dec 1927 (age 60) Horsforth, Leeds
Burial Rawdon Parish Church
Family grave no. 219a.




Sex: Female
Father: Joseph BRELLISFORD (1823-1903)
Mother: Mary BRADDOCK (1826-1903)
Birth 12 Nov 1864 Newbridge, Rhosymedre, Denbighshire, N Wales
Death 27 Jan 1953 (age 88) Horsforth, Leeds
Burial Rawdon Parish Church

Child 1: Alec Brellisford RUSHWORTH


Alec Brellisford RUSHWORTH

Name: Alec Brellisford RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: MM
Birth 18 Apr 1896 Rawdon
Title MM
Military 11 Nov 1916 (age 20) France
Awarded the Military Medal, See Supplement to the London Gazette (Issue 29819) 10th November 1916 - " 6158 Gunner A.B. Rushworth, R.F.A."
Death 19 Nov 1916 (age 20) France
Burial 20 Nov 1916 Forceville, France
Record of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
In Memory of
A B RUSHWORTH MM, Gunner 6158, 246th Bde., Royal Field Artillery
who died on Sunday, 19th November 1916. Age 20.
Additional Information: O Bty. Son of John Thomas and Maria Rushworth, of North Ives Farm, Horsforth, near Leeds.
Commemorative Information
Cemetery: FORCEVILLE COMMUNAL CEMETERY AND EXTENSION, Somme, France, Plot 3. Row D. Grave 6.
Location: Forceville is a village some 10 kilometres north-west of Albert on the road to Doullens. The Communal Cemetery and Extension lie to the west of the village of Forceville, 20 kilometres from Doullens and 10 kilometres from Albert, on the D938, the main road between these two places.
Historical Information: In 1915 British troops of the Third Army were sent to this area to take over from the French. In 1916 the Fourth Army were in occupation until 20th July, when Forceville was included in the area of the Fifth Army. In February, 1916, a Field Ambulance was established in the village, and it was succeeded by others until the end of July, 1916. In Plot I are buried the men who fell in the trench warfare on the Somme Front from September, 1915, to June, 1916. Plot II contains the graves of those who fell in the Somme offensive of July and August, 1916, while the graves in Plot III are of those who fell in the operations of the autumn of 1916. There was then a long gap in the dates of burials while the British Front had moved 80 kilometres further forward, and it was not until the British withdrawal in April, 1918, which ceased just east of the Cemetery, that burials took place in Plot IV. It was early in August, 1915, that additional land to the south of the Communal Cemetery was enclosed to provide space for military graves. There are now over 300, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. The Cemetery and Extension cover an area of 970 square metres and are enclosed by a low wall.

Child 2: Thomas Edward RUSHWORTH


Thomas Edward RUSHWORTH

Name: Thomas Edward RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1 Jan 1898 Rawdon
Death 9 Oct 1917 (age 19) Ypres, Belgium
Burial No known grave
Record of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
In Memory of THOMAS EDWARD RUSHWORTH, Lance Corporal 18875, 1st Bn., Coldstream Guards, who died onTuesday, 9th October 1917. Age 19.
Additional Information: Son of John T. and Maria Rushworth, of North Ives Farm, Horsforth, Leeds.
Commemorative Information
Memorial: TYNE COT MEMORIAL, Zonnebeke, West-Vlaanderen, BelgiumGrave Reference/
Panel Number: Panel 9 to 10
Location: The Tyne Cot Memorial to the Missing forms the north-eastern boundary of Tyne Cot Cemetery, which is located 9 kilometres north east of Ieper town centre, on the Tynecotstraat, a road leading from the Zonnebeekseweg (N332).
Historical Information: A description of the Memorial and an account of the military operations in the Ypres Salient is contained in a separate Introductory part to the Registers.
His army service record shows that he enlisted on 2nd March 1916 and was called up on 31st August 1916, wentto Caterham on 1st September 1916 and then t to France on 13th June 1917. Appointed Lance Corporal on 8th September and killed in actionon 9th October 1917 near Houlthulst Forest, in the battle of Passchendaele.

Child 3: Mary Alice RUSHWORTH



Name: Mary Alice RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Feb 1900 Rawdon
Residence 1953 (age 52-53) Horsforth, Leeds
Death 30 Mar 1970 (age 70) Horsforth, Leeds
Cremation Rawdon Crematorium

Child 4: Edith Annie RUSHWORTH

Name: Edith Annie RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Birth 30 Nov 1901 Rawdon
Death 8 Nov 1904 (age 2)

Child 5: John Henry RUSHWORTH



Name: John Henry RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edna BELLINGHAM (1905-1992)
Birth 28 Aug 1903 Horsforth, Leeds
Death 9 Nov 1990 (age 87) Horsforth, Leeds
Cremation Rawdon Crematorium

Child 6: George Wilfred RUSHWORTH


George Wilfred RUSHWORTH


Spouse: Alice MC SHANE


Spouse: Gwendoline JONES

Name: George Wilfred RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Alice MC SHANE (1910-1994)
Spouse 2: Gwendoline JONES (1917-2004)
Birth 15 May 1905 Horsforth, Leeds
Residence btw 1905 and 1945 (age 0-40) Horsforth
Occupation btw 1919 and 1945 (age 13-40) Farmer; North Ives Farm, Horsforth, Leeds
Residence btw 1945 and 1950 (age 39-45) Horsforth
Occupation btw 1946 and 1954 (age 40-49) Executive Officer, Agricultural Executuve; Halifax
Residence btw 1950 and 1954 (age 44-49) Horsforth
Occupation btw 1954 and 1978 (age 48-73) Farmer; Intake farm, Rawdon
Residence btw 1954 and 1978 (age 48-73) Rawdon
Residence btw 1978 and 1981 (age 72-76) Rawdon
Death 23 Nov 1981 (age 76) Ilkley
Cremation 27 Nov 1981 Rawdon Crematorium

Child 7: Marjorie RUSHWORTH



Name: Marjorie RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Percy ROBINSON (1903-1996)
Birth 14 Dec 1906 Horsforth, Leeds
Death 12 Apr 1983 (age 76) Cookridge
Cremation Rawdon Crematorium

Child 8: Jessie RUSHWORTH




Spouse: Stanley Edward HODGSON

Name: Jessie RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stanley Edward HODGSON (1909-1986)
Birth 3 Oct 1909 Horsforth, Leeds
Immigration "ca. 1935 for 10 years or so" to Cairo, Egypt
Death 16 May 1988 (age 78) Scarborough, N.York
Cremation Stonefall Crematorium, Harrogate

Note on Wife: Maria BRELLISFORD

Maria started working as a servant to the Partridge family at Rawdon, before her marriage. They farmed at Eastbrook farm in Rawdon, then at North Ives Farm, Penny Lane (off Brownberrie Lane), Horsforth. When her sons, John and Wilfred took over the farm, she moved to Mavis Avenue, Cookridge with her daughter, Alice. About 1941 she moved back to North Ives Farm to look after her son Wilfred and his son Edward. When Wilfred remarried in 1947 she moved to Bachelor Lane, Horsforth with her daughter Alice.