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Family of Albert Edgar AINSLEY and Eva BOTHAM

Husband: Albert Edgar AINSLEY (1876- )
Wife: Eva BOTHAM ( - )
Children: Edwin Victor AINSLEY (1912-1971)

Husband: Albert Edgar AINSLEY

Name: Albert Edgar AINSLEY
Sex: Male
Father: James AINSLEY (1834-1894)
Mother: Isabel STEPHENS (1842-1930)
Birth 7 Mar 1876 Whitby
Occupation 1901 (age 24-25) Corn and Flour Merchant; Whitby
Residence 1901 (age 24-25) Whitby
Census 1901 (age 24-25) Whitby

Wife: Eva BOTHAM

Name: Eva BOTHAM
Sex: Female
Father: BOTHAM ( - )
Mother: -
Birth Whitby

Child 1: Edwin Victor AINSLEY


Edwin Victor AINSLEY


Spouse: Edith May LONGSTER

Name: Edwin Victor AINSLEY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith May LONGSTER (1915-2009)
Birth 13 May 1912 Whitby?
Death 12 Sep 1971 (age 59) Leeds

Note on Husband: Albert Edgar AINSLEY

Captain in the Army during the 1st World War.

Manager of Botham's (Bakers and confectioners) at Witby and married Eva the

daughter of Elizabeth Botham.