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Family of Aurelius John BOOTH and Katherine Lavinia ELLIS

Husband: Aurelius John BOOTH (1887-1954)
Wife: Katherine Lavinia ELLIS (1888-1979)
Children: Jane BOOTH
Ann BOOTH (1924-2002)
Marriage 9 Dec 1919

Husband: Aurelius John BOOTH

Name: Aurelius John BOOTH
Sex: Male
Father: John Israel BOOTH (1854-1921)
Mother: Jane Elizabeth WOOD (1852- )
Birth 9 Jan 1887
Death 17 Mar 1954 (age 67)
AKA Jack

Wife: Katherine Lavinia ELLIS

Name: Katherine Lavinia ELLIS
Sex: Female
Father: Ephraim ELLIS (c. 1856-1918)
Mother: Emma HOLLIDAY (1858-1943)
Birth 29 May 1888
Death 30 May 1979 (age 91)
AKA Kitty and Katriana

Child 1: Jane BOOTH

Name: Jane BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fred AUSTIN

Child 2: Ann BOOTH




Spouse: James GARDNER

Name: Ann BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: James GARDNER ( -1994)
Birth 29 Feb 1924
Occupation btw 1939 and 1945 (age 14-21) Land Army Girl; Peterborough
Death Dec 2002 (age 78) USA

Note on Husband: Aurelius John BOOTH

Just called John in the 1881 census - no surprise!