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Family of Harold Gordon BOOTH and Maude Emma THOMAS

Husband: Harold Gordon BOOTH (1885-1963)
Wife: Maude Emma THOMAS (1888-1963)
Children: John Edmund BOOTH
Nina Marjorie BOOTH
Margaret Maureen BOOTH

Husband: Harold Gordon BOOTH


Harold Gordon BOOTH

Name: Harold Gordon BOOTH
Sex: Male
Father: John Israel BOOTH (1854-1921)
Mother: Jane Elizabeth WOOD (1852- )
Birth 29 Jan 1885
Death 6 Jan 1963 (age 77)

Wife: Maude Emma THOMAS


Maude Emma THOMAS

Name: Maude Emma THOMAS
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick William THOMAS (1857- )
Mother: Emma (1858- )
Birth 8 May 1888
Death 8 Feb 1963 (age 74)

Child 1: John Edmund BOOTH

Name: John Edmund BOOTH
Sex: Male

Child 2: Nina Marjorie BOOTH

Name: Nina Marjorie BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leslie M. RIGG Q.C. (1915-1976)

Child 3: Margaret Maureen BOOTH

Name: Margaret Maureen BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael STAHL