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Family of Stephen AINSLEY and Martha

Husband: Stephen AINSLEY (1811- )
Wife: Martha ( - )
Children: John AINSLEY (chr.1833)
Margaret Elizabeth AINSLEY (chr.1836)

Husband: Stephen AINSLEY

Name: Stephen AINSLEY
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas AINSLEY (chr.1764)
Mother: Hannah GARBUTT ( - )
Birth 7 Feb 1811

Wife: Martha

Name: Martha
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John AINSLEY

Name: John AINSLEY
Sex: Male
Christening 22 Sep 1833 Bilsdale Midcable

Child 2: Margaret Elizabeth AINSLEY

Name: Margaret Elizabeth AINSLEY
Sex: Male
Christening 3 Jul 1836 Bilsdale Midcable