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Family of William LONGSTER and Sarah JOHNSON

Husband: William LONGSTER (1838-1908)
Wife: Sarah JOHNSON (1857-1915)
Children: William LONGSTER (1883-1926)
Marriage 1881

Husband: William LONGSTER



Name: William LONGSTER
Sex: Male
Father: Loftus LONGSTER (chr.1813)
Mother: Ann BURRILL (1815-1854)
Birth 6 May 1838 Wath, Pateley Bridge
Occupation 1904 (age 65-66) Farmer; Wath, Pateley Bridge
Death 12 Apr 1908 (age 69) Wath, Pateley Bridge1
AKA Lonster

Wife: Sarah JOHNSON



Name: Sarah JOHNSON
Sex: Female
Father: Robert JOHNSON (c. 1821- )
Mother: Ann UNKNOWN (c. 1824- )
Birth 1857
Death 26 Nov 1915 (age 57-58) Wath, Pateley Bridge1
Burial 30 Nov 1915

Child 1: William LONGSTER




Spouse: Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD

Name: William LONGSTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah Bell WHITEHEAD (1878-1947)
Birth 1883
Occupation Farmer; The Farm, Wath, Pateley Bridge
Death 22 Jun 1926 (age 42-43) Wath, Pateley Bridge
The grave at Pateley Bridge Cemetery includes his wife, also: "In loving memory of John Moss White Whitehead of Holebottom House who died Aug 14 1900 aged 69 years, also Hannah Whithead relict [widow] of the above who died April 14 1910 aged 74, also of Edwin son of the above who died 31 Jan 1945 aged 67", also: "In loving memory of Lavinia Summer of Southport who fell asleep July 1950 in her 78th year".

Note on Husband: William LONGSTER

Certified copy of birth certificate obtained - Pateley Bridge register, 1838 entry No.100. Will obtained signed 12 Oct 1904, probate granted 1 Dec 1909.

Note on Wife: Sarah JOHNSON

Email from Rodney Mason <> 29 October 2011:

I have come up with Sarah Johnson's parents as Robert Johnson b abt 1821and Ann born about 1824. Their daughter Sarah who was born in Amcotts in Lincolnshire was a servant in a vicarage in Bilton near Knaresborough in 1881 just before she got married, but I expect you knew all that. How William Longster met Sarah is anybodys guess as Pateley Bridge is a fair way away.


1"Microfice of memorial inscriptions". Grave 42 - In loving memory of William Lonster of Wath died April 12th.