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Family of Arthur WRIGHT and Margaret ROBINSON

Husband: Arthur WRIGHT (1931-2006)
Wife: Margaret ROBINSON
Children: David Arthur WRIGHT (1958-2011)
Janet Margaret WRIGHT
Judith Anne WRIGHT

Husband: Arthur WRIGHT

Name: Arthur WRIGHT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 25 Oct 1931 Horsforth, Leeds
Death 28 Mar 2006 (age 74) Horsforth

Wife: Margaret ROBINSON

Name: Margaret ROBINSON
Sex: Female
Father: Percy ROBINSON (1903-1996)
Mother: Marjorie RUSHWORTH (1906-1983)

Child 1: David Arthur WRIGHT

Name: David Arthur WRIGHT
Sex: Male
Birth 1 Jan 1958 Horsforth, Leeds
Death 25 Oct 2011 (age 53) Leeds Hospital
Death due to Mesothelioma contracted from asbestos exposure in employment as an electrician.

Child 2: Janet Margaret WRIGHT

Name: Janet Margaret WRIGHT
Sex: Female

Child 3: Judith Anne WRIGHT

Name: Judith Anne WRIGHT
Sex: Female