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Family of William RISHFORTH and Jane

Husband: William RISHFORTH (bur.1743)
Wife: Jane (bur.1746)
Children: Elezebth RISHWOORTH (chr.1697, bur.1753)
Jane RISHFORTH (chr.1699, bur.1699)
John RISHFORTH (chr.1702, bur.1702)
Mary RISHFORTH (chr.1704, bur.1740)
Anne RUSHFORTH (chr.1706)
William RUSHFORTH (chr.1708)

Husband: William RISHFORTH

Name: William RISHFORTH
Sex: Male
Father: George RISHWORTH (bur.1697)
Mother: -
Burial 19 Jan 1743 Ilkley

Wife: Jane

Name: Jane
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 12 Feb 1746 Ilkley [Widow]

Child 1: Elezebth RISHWOORTH

Name: Elezebth RISHWOORTH
Sex: Female
Christening 29 Dec 1697 Ilkley
Burial 29 Jul 1753 Ilkley (possibly 17 Jan 1697/8)

Child 2: Jane RISHFORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 21 Sep 1699 Ilkley
Burial 16 Oct 1699 Ilkley

Child 3: John RISHFORTH

Sex: Male
Christening 29 Sep 1702 Ilkley
Burial 17 Oct 1702 Ilkley

Child 4: Mary RISHFORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 9 Feb 1704 Ilkley (1703/4)
Burial 3 May 1740 Ilkley

Child 5: Anne RUSHFORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 21 Aug 1706 Ilkley

Child 6: William RUSHFORTH

Name: William RUSHFORTH
Sex: Male
Christening 15 Nov 1708 Ilkley

Note on Marriage

Subj: Re: The Rushworth Family Page

Date: 12/3/98 9:27:12 AM GMT

From: (Nic Wilson)


Hi Edward

Many thanks again for the information you've passed - and apologies

for rushing off the second letter before reading your comprehensive

notes - I was so excited by what you had written from the title

deeds, I went straight to work on fitting in the pieces from the

sheet rather than reading that you had already done this work. (Still

I did enjoy the "brainwork")

I've now updated the database, but this has now thrown up yet another

quandary. We both have included in our lists the baptism at Ilkley of

William, son of William Risforth of Haveray Park - 15 Nov 1708.

Having now "ploughed" through the Hampsthwaite registers I have come

across the baptism & burial of children for a contemporary William of

Haverah/Haveray Park (given below).

"Elizabeth, d. of William Rishforth of Haverah Park - bur. May 1710

(no dated given)"

"Elizabeth, d. of William Rishforth of Haverah Park - bur. 21 Feb


"Alice, d. of William Rishforth of Haverah Park - bur. 2 Apr 1712"

"Betterice (Beatrice), d. of William Rishforth of Haverah Park -

bapt. 16 Oct 1718"

It's possible that the deceased were unbaptised or (if this William

did move around a lot) that they were baptised elsewhere - Fewston?

Could this mean that the William mentioned in the Ilkley register is

of another branch or that he is a "missing" person that turns up in

Hampsthwaite. Unfortunately, I have not yet come across any other

reference to this William or his family - anyway, I thought I'd

"throw this bone into the pot to see what sort of soup it would


I have one or two other question but they will keep.

Ah, well - the plot thickens!

Bye for now


NOTE: Haverah Park Parish is just South of Hampsthwaite Parish near Harrogate.

Note on Husband: William RISHFORTH

"Ilkley Ancient & Modern" - Wm., of Ilkley, Haverah Park in 1708".


Ilkley PR burial.

Note on Wife: Jane

Ilkley PR.


1746 Feb 12 Jane Rishworth of Ilkley, Widow.