Family of William RISHFORTH and Ann?

Husband: William RISHFORTH (bur.1685)
Wife: Ann? (bur.1712)
Children: James RISHFORTH (chr.1644, bur.1710)
Anna RUSHFORTH (chr.1646, bur.1650)
Grace RISHFORTH (chr.1651)
Mathew RISHFORTH (chr.1653)
George RISHWORTH (bur.1697)

Husband: William RISHFORTH

Name: William RISHFORTH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 7 Oct 1685 Ilkley

Wife: Ann?

Name: Ann?
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Burial 12 Feb 1712 Ilkley

Child 1: James RISHFORTH

Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann (bur.1728)
Christening 4 Aug 1644 Ilkley
Burial 6 Mar 1710 Ilkley

Child 2: Anna RUSHFORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 10 May 1646 Ilkley1
Burial 30 Nov 1650 llkley2

Child 3: Grace RISHFORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 27 Jan 1651 Ilkley

Child 4: Mathew RISHFORTH

Name: Mathew RISHFORTH
Sex: Male
Christening 5 May 1653 Ilkley

Child 5: George RISHWORTH

Name: George RISHWORTH
Sex: Male
Burial 28 Mar 1697 Ilkley

Note on Marriage

Ilkley PR:


1650 Nov 30 - burial ffylia Wilmi Rishfourth.


1651 Jan 27 - baptizm Grace fillei Gulielm Rishforth de Langbar.


1653 May 5 - Mathew Rishforth of Willm Rishforth.

Note on Husband: William RISHFORTH

Ilkley PR:


1651 Jan 27 - Grace fillei Guiliem Rishforth de Langber.


1685 Oct 7 burial - Guilielmus Rishworth de Lingpark.

Note on Wife: Ann?

"Ilkley: Ancient & Modern" gives no details at all about this wife, but in

Ilkley PR it seems most likely that this is the"Ann Rishforth of Ling Park,

Widow" buried on 12 Feb 1712.


1"Ilkley Parish Register 1597-1812". 1646 (Baptism 10 May) Anna filia Wilmi Rushford bapt. decimo die Maij.
2Ibid. 1650 (Burial 30 Nov) ffylia Wilmi Rishfourth sepulyus Novembris.