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Family of John RUSHWORTH and Hannah HOLMES

Husband: John RUSHWORTH (chr.1731, d.1780)
Wife: Hannah HOLMES ( - )
Children: Elizabeth RUSHWORTH (chr.1763)
John RISHWORTH (chr.1765, bur.1834)
William RUSHWORTH (b.1767, bur.1771)
Hannah RUSHWORTH (chr.1769, bur.1769)
Hannah RUSHWORTH (chr.1770, bur.1771)
Ann RUSHWORTH (chr.1774)
Sarah RUSHWORTH (chr.1776)
Dolly RUSHWORTH (1779- )
Marriage 23 Dec 1762 Ilkley

Husband: John RUSHWORTH

Sex: Male
Father: John RISHFORTH (chr.1684, bur.1773)
Mother: Jane PARKINSON (bur.1750)
Christening 26 Sep 1731 Ilkley
Death 17 Sep 1780 Lingpark, Ilkley [aged 48 years]
Burial 19 Sep 1780 Ilkley

Wife: Hannah HOLMES

Name: Hannah HOLMES
Sex: Female
Father: Jno. HOLMES ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: Elizabeth RUSHWORTH

Name: Elizabeth RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Christening 26 Sep 1763 Ilkley

Child 2: John RISHWORTH

Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth KIDD (bur.1828)
Christening 1 Dec 1765 Ilkley
Burial 3 Sep 1834 Ilkley (aged 68)

Child 3: William RUSHWORTH

Name: William RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Birth 1767
Burial 11 Feb 1771 Ilkley

Child 4: Hannah RUSHWORTH

Name: Hannah RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Christening 24 Jul 1769 Ilkley
Burial 16 Sep 1769 Ilkley

Child 5: Hannah RUSHWORTH

Name: Hannah RUSHWORTH
Sex: Female
Christening 5 Jul 1770 Ilkley
Burial 30 Jan 1771 Ilkley

Child 6: Ann RUSHWORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 31 Jul 1774 Ilkley

Child 7: Sarah RUSHWORTH

Sex: Female
Christening 9 Mar 1776 Ilkley

Child 8: Dolly RUSHWORTH

Sex: Female
Birth 27 Apr 1779 Lingpark, Ilkley
Christening 6 Jun 1779 (age 0) Ilkley

Note on Marriage

Note that children Hannah and William died within a couple of weeks of each



Ilkley PR marriage wirnesses John Robinson & John Blakey.

Note on Husband: John RUSHWORTH

Ilkley Par Reg entries & "Ilkley; Ancient & Modern".


Ilkley PR 7 Feb 1770 a John Rushworth was witness to the marriage of Thomas

Myers & Ann Eccles.


1770 bapt of Hannah daughter of "John Rushworth of Langbar, Husbandman"

[Husbandman = Farmer]. Is this a different John? Perhaps not as 1st Hannah died

in infancy and 2nd Hannah probably named after her.


Ilkley Par Reg and "Ilkley:Ancient & Modern". The book has father and son

death dates transposed, otherwise date errors in births occur.


Burial on 1780 Sept 19 of "John Rushforth of Lingpark, Farmer, died ye 17th of

Sepr & buried in ye Church Yard ye 19th of Sepr. Aged 48 years".




The situation of Mary bapt 4 July 1772 is most confusing as she is not listed

in "Ilkley: Ancient & Modern" as part of this family. The PR entry is "Mary

daughter of John Rushworth of Langbar, Husbandman". It iseems that there is

definately a confusion of two families. For the present I am putting this Mary

(P57) as part of the family F15 to which I think the above Hannah bapt in 1770

should also belong.