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Family of John William SAVILLE and Jane BIRCH

Husband: John William SAVILLE (1846-1916)
Wife: Jane BIRCH (1849-1882)
Children: Martha Ann SAVILLE (1869-1946)
Annie SAVILLE (1873-1933)
Thomas Edward SAVILLE (1882- )
Jane SAVILLE (1882- )
Ethel SAVILLE ( - )
Sam SAVILLE ( - )
Richard Watson SAVILLE ( - )
Marriage 24 Aug 1868 Hunslet
Marriage witnesses: Joseph Wilson and Hannah Birch.

Husband: John William SAVILLE

Name: John William SAVILLE
Sex: Male
Father: John SAVILLE (1822- )
Mother: Ann Amelia (1824- )
Birth 1846 Hunslet or Seacroft - see notes
I have been unable to find a compatible entry in the St Catherine's index for this birth. I searched the 3 years 1845/6/7 and the only one was - 1845 Sept qtr Savill, John William, Brentford district, vol III page 25. But our John William Saville was born in Seacroft according to his baptismand the 1901 census (Hunslet according to the 1851 census), so it looks as though his birth was not registered.
Baptism 29 Mar 1846 (age 0) Seacroft1,2
Occupation "1868 to 1916." Leather currier; Leeds
Residence 1868 (age 21-22) Hunslet, Leeds
Census 1881 (age 34-35) Leeds
1881 Census:
Saville, 7 Melville Terrace, Leeds
John W Head 35 Leather Currier b. Seacroft
Jane Wife 31 b. Leeds
Martha A dau 11 Scholar b. Leeds
Sam son 9 Scholar b. Leeds
Annie dau 6 Scholar b. Leeds
Richard Watson son 4 b. Leeds
Ethel dau 2 b. Leeds

In the 1881 census John W was given as aged 35 born Seacroft, but the only one to fit here is the John Wm in the 1851 census in Hunslet aged 5 born Hunslet with his younger sister having been born in Seacroft.
Burial btw 1913 and 1916 Armley Hill Top Church Yard, Leeds
Margaret Wigglesworth (now Sherbourne) says that she found that a William Saville aged 70 years died on 21st Feb 1913 and is buried in a paupers grave number B133 at Armley Cemetery, this being the only Saville buried there. This could be our William, yet it does not accord with the death certificate. More importantly, there is no such death recorded in Leeds in the St Catherines Index in the period Jan - Jun 1913. Therefore the date of 21st Feb 1913 is clearly wrong.
Death 19 May 1916 (age 69-70) Township Infirmary, Leeds
Death Certificate states: "of 15 Elsworth Street, a Currier".
Auntie Lillian says that he was in Armley Workhouse.

Wife: Jane BIRCH

Name: Jane BIRCH
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas BIRCH (1813- )
Mother: Martha (c. 1807- )
Birth 1 Oct 1849 Green Street, Leeds3
Baptism 19 May 1850 (age 0) St Peter's (Parish Church), Leeds
Residence 1868 (age 18-19) Hunslet
Death Mar 1882 (age 32) Leeds
Died giving birth to twins.

Child 1: Martha Ann SAVILLE


Martha Ann SAVILLE



Name: Martha Ann SAVILLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fred WIGGLESWORTH (1867-1917)
Birth 2 Aug 1869
Death 19 Oct 1946 (age 77)
Burial Armley Cemetery, Leeds
Grave C778.

Child 2: Annie SAVILLE




Spouse: William Henry MC SHANE

Name: Annie SAVILLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Henry MC SHANE (1868-1916)
Birth 6 Sep 1873 Sugarwell Hill, Meanwood, Leeds
Residence 1933 (age 59-60) Leeds
Death 16 May 1933 (age 59) Armley, Leeds
Burial 20 May 1933 New Wortley Cemetery, Hall Lane, Armley, Leeds

Child 3: Thomas Edward SAVILLE

Name: Thomas Edward SAVILLE
Sex: Male
Birth Mar 1882 Leeds

Child 4: Jane SAVILLE

Name: Jane SAVILLE
Sex: Female
Birth Mar 1882 Leeds

Child 5: Ethel SAVILLE

Name: Ethel SAVILLE
Sex: Female

Child 6: Sam SAVILLE

Sex: Male
Spouse: Poly

Child 7: Richard Watson SAVILLE

Name: Richard Watson SAVILLE
Sex: Male
Residence 1916 Sheffield
AKA Dick

Note on Marriage

Information from Peter Saville (Saville one name study)(e-mail:


1882 March Jane SAVILLE Leeds age 31


1882 March Jane SAVILLE Leeds

Thomas Edward SAVILLE Leeds

Both births have the same reference number so it is almost certain that these

are the twins born when Jane died in childbirth, so I have made entries



1Dave Bradley, Wakefield (, Hunslet St Mary's Parish Registers.
2Dave Bradley, Wakefield, Seacroft Parish Registers. Baptised March 29th 1846. John William, son of John and Ann Amelia.
3Dave Bradley, Leeds St Peter's Parish Registers. Born 1st October 1849. Baptised 19 May 1850. Jane, dau. of Thomas and.