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Family of William Henry MC SHANE and Annie SAVILLE

Husband: William Henry MC SHANE (1868-1916)
Wife: Annie SAVILLE (1873-1933)
Children: William (1st) MC SHANE
Mabel Morris MC SHANE (1899-1983)
Mildred (1st) MC SHANE
Mildred (2nd) MC SHANE (1904-1966)
Lilian MC SHANE (1908-2001)
Alice MC SHANE (1910-1994)
William (2nd) Henry MC SHANE (1914-1949)
Marriage 1894 Armley Hall Church, Oak Road, New Wortley, Leeds1

Husband: William Henry MC SHANE


William Henry MC SHANE

Name: William Henry MC SHANE
Sex: Male
Father: Francis MC SHANE (1842-1897)
Mother: Ann COLLINSON (1851-1917)
Birth 15 Oct 1868 Habergham Eaves Barracks, Burnley, Lancashire
Occupation 1901 (age 32-33) Sugar Works Timekeeper; Liverpool
Census 1901 (age 32-33) Walton on the Hill, Liverpool
Occupation btw 1905 and 1916 (age 36-48) Cooper; 11 Armley Road, Leeds
Residence 1911 (age 42-43) New Wortley, Leeds
Leeds Archives ref. LP2 - Leeds Labour Party 1912 Minutes of General, Executive and Group, and Executive Meetings:
McShane on General Purposes Committee.
W H McShane address of 58 Bruce Street changed to 3 Hawthorne Terrace, New Wortley.
Attended 9 meetings (Group & Executive). Meeting of 2 Nov 1912 agreed that Councillor McShane be on the Sanitary, Sewage & Highways Committee and the Pensions Committe of the Council,
Elected btw 1911 and 1916 (age 42-48) Leeds City Councillor; New Wortley Ward, Leeds
Residence 1913 (age 44-45) New Wortley, Leeds
Elected btw 1913 and 1915 (age 44-47) Alderman of Leeds City Council; Leeds
Death 6 Dec 1916 (age 48) New Wortley, Leeds
St Catherine's death cert. ref. is 1916 Dec qtr McShane, William H age 48 Wakefield reg district vol 9c page 64.
Burial 12 Dec 1916 New Wortley Cemetery, Hall Lane, Armley, Leeds
Grave No. 4991.

Wife: Annie SAVILLE



Name: Annie SAVILLE
Sex: Female
Father: John William SAVILLE (1846-1916)
Mother: Jane BIRCH (1849-1882)
Birth 6 Sep 1873 Sugarwell Hill, Meanwood, Leeds
Residence 1933 (age 59-60) Leeds
Death 16 May 1933 (age 59) Armley, Leeds
Burial 20 May 1933 New Wortley Cemetery, Hall Lane, Armley, Leeds

Child 1: William (1st) MC SHANE

Name: William (1st) MC SHANE
Sex: Male

Child 2: Arthur MC SHANE

Name: Arthur MC SHANE
Sex: Male

Child 3: Mabel Morris MC SHANE


Mabel Morris MC SHANE


Spouse: Reginald (Reg) THOMPSON

Name: Mabel Morris MC SHANE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Reginald (Reg) THOMPSON (1898-1977)
Birth 14 Mar 1899 Liverpool
Death 1 Jan 1983 (age 83) Bournemouth

Child 4: Mildred (1st) MC SHANE

Name: Mildred (1st) MC SHANE
Sex: Female

Child 5: Mildred (2nd) MC SHANE

Name: Mildred (2nd) MC SHANE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles L. MAC CARTHY (1874-1949)
Birth 14 Jun 1904 Liverpool
Occupation Electricity company emloyee on leaving school.
Death 27 Jul 1966 (age 62) Potters Bar, Herts.
AKA Mollie

Child 6: Lilian MC SHANE



Name: Lilian MC SHANE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles BRYANT ( -c. 1945)
Birth 10 May 1908
Residence 1949 (age 40-41) Leeds
Residence 2000 (age 91-92) Leeds
Death 18 Jul 2001 (age 93) Rawdon
Cremation 25 Jul 2001 Lawnswood, Leeds

Child 7: Alice MC SHANE




Spouse: George Wilfred RUSHWORTH

Name: Alice MC SHANE
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Wilfred RUSHWORTH (1905-1981)
Birth 1 Apr 1910 58 Bruce Street, New Wortley, Leeds
Death 11 Feb 1994 (age 83) Wakefield
Cremation 18 Feb 1994 Wakefield Crematorium

Child 8: William (2nd) Henry MC SHANE


William (2nd) Henry MC SHANE


Spouse: Millie

Name: William (2nd) Henry MC SHANE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Millie ( -2001)
Birth 11 Apr 1914
Occupation 1930 (age 15-16) Docks Police Sergeant; Southampton
Residence 1930 (age 15-16) Southampton
Residence c. 1945 (age 30-31) Huddersfield, Yorkshire
He was in Huddersfield Police.
Death 1949 (age 34-35) Huddersfield, Yorkshire
He died in Huddersfield, but was buried from his sister Lilians home address at 11 Lancaster Grove, Armley, Leeds.
Burial 8 Jul 1949 New Wortley Cemetery, Hall Lane, Armley, Leeds
Family grave no. 4991
AKA Bill

Note on Marriage

William and Annie, together with father Francis, mother Ann and son William [Bill] are buried in New Wortley Cemetery opposite Armley jail in Leeds.

Note on Husband: William Henry MC SHANE

Did not get on too well with his father. Ran away from home and joined the army. Father bought him out but he ran away again and enlisted a second time as William Morris so his father could not find him. It is thought that he was in Queen Victoria's funeral procession.

Left the army to work as a timekeeper at a sugar mill in Liverpool, having been helped to secure the position by his officer Col. McPhee.

Eventually set himself up in business as a cooper with a yard in Selby and one in Leeds.

Leeds City Councillor - the first Labour Alderman in Leeds. Served on several committees. Nominated to become the first Labour Lord Mayor of Leeds, but became ill and died.


Leeds Trades Directories:

Coopers - McShane, William Henry, 11 Armley Road.

The first entry was in 1905.


Leeds Mercury - 1 September 1915:



A Leeds Alderman, Mr. W. H. McShane, has tendered his resignation of that office to the Town Clerk, along with the requisite nominal fee to make the resignation effective.

The receipt of that resignation and the payment of the fine has been acknowledged by the Town Clerk. Mr. McShane was first elected to the City Council for the New Wortley Ward in 1911 as a representative of the Labour party, and he was elected to the Aldermanic bench in 1913.

In the ordinary course he would have retired in 1919, but a serious breakdown in health, followed by his removal to Liverpool, has led him to tender his resignation, which now leaves a vacancy for a nominee of the Labour party.


Leeds Mercury - 11 December 1916:


The death has taken place of ex-Alderman W. H. McShane, who before his election to the aldermanic bench, in succession to Mr. John Badlay was for about eight years a Labour representative of the New Wortley Ward on the Leeds City Council. He was 54 [?] years of age, and a cooper by trade, carrying on a successful business at Armley. He broke down in health about a year ago, and was not able to resume public work. He resigned his membership of the City Council six months ago, and was succeeded as alderman by Mr. Frank Fountain. Mr. McShane was widely known in Leeds, and took an active part in public life, especially in New Wortley, where he was chairman for some time of the Burial Board. The funeral will take place at New Wortley to-morrow.


The Leeds Weekly Citizen - Friday December 15, 1916 (back page):

Death of Mr W H McShane.

We regret to learn that Mr W H McShane of New Wortley, for some years a Labour member of the Leeds City Council, died on Thursday last. Mr McShane first contended the West Hunslet Ward, unsucessfully, but his next effort at New Wortley was sucessfull. That was in 1911, when he gained the seat from the Liberal party by a majority of 313. He was appointed an alderman November 23rd, 1913, and resigned his seat two years ago owing to a break-down in health. He was succeeded by Alderman Frank Fountain. The late Mr McShane took an active part in friendly society work, and was for some time president of the New Wortley Burial Board. All members of the party will deeply sympathise with Mrs McShane and her children in their sad berevement. The party was suitably represented at the interment, which took place on Tuesday.

Note on Wife: Annie SAVILLE

According to Aunt Mabel, the Saville's were supposedly from a Hull fishing family, originally from Brittany where they were also in fishing. Supposedly some links with the Shaw Saville Shipping Line at one time.


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