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Family of William WOOD and Phillis EXELBY

Husband: William WOOD (1820- )
Wife: Phillis EXELBY (c. 1823- )
Children: Caroline WOOD (1843- )
George WOOD (1845- )
Alfred WOOD (1849- )
Conah WOOD (1850- )
Jane Elizabeth WOOD (1852- )
Sarah Ann WOOD (1857- )
Edward WOOD ( -1930)
Tom WOOD (bur.1933)
Edmund WOOD ( - )
Walter WOOD (1859-1861)
Lavinia WOOD (1860- )
Wilfred WOOD (1865-1867)
Marriage 23 Jun 1842 High Harrogate
High Harrogate was in the parish of Knaresbrough.

Husband: William WOOD

Name: William WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas WOOD (c. 1796- )
Mother: Jane ( - )
Birth 14 May 1820 Bilton, Harrogate1
Occupation 1842 (age 21-22) Bleacher; High Harrogate
Residence 1842 (age 21-22) High Harrogate
Census 1851 (age 30-31) Beverley Parks
William Wood Head 30 Bleacher employing 2 labourers b. Harrogate
Phillis Wood Wife 28 B. Grantly
George son 6 scholar b. Horsforth
Jane Elizabeth dau 4 scholar b. Beverley Parks
Alfred son 2 scholar b. Beverley Parks
Conah son 7 months
Not here in 1961 census.
Residence 1857 (age 36-37) Beverley Parks
Occupation 1858 (age 37-38) Master Bleacher; Beverley Parks
Residence btw 1861 and 1867 (age 40-47) Bilton, Harrogate2
Occupation 1880 (age 59-60) Farmer; Drighlington
Residence 1880 (age 59-60) Drighlington
Census 1881 (age 60-61) Rawdon
Is this our William in a second marriage? There is no trace of a Phillis Wood in the 1881 Census.

Dwelling: Town Street
Census Place: Rawdon, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342035 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4334 Folio 43 Page 2
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
William WOOD M 59 M Bilton, York, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Farmer Of 60 A Employing 2 Laborers
Mary Lund WOOD M 51 F Horsforth, York, England
Rel: Wife

Wife: Phillis EXELBY

Name: Phillis EXELBY
Sex: Female
Father: George EXELBY ( -1860)
Mother: Ann ( -1865)
Birth c. 1823 Grantley

Child 1: Caroline WOOD

Name: Caroline WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 1843 Bilton, Harrogate
Christening 9 Jul 1843 (age 0) Bilton, Harrogate3

Child 2: George WOOD

Name: George WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 30 Mar 1845 Bilton, Harrogate4
Census Horsforth
I don't think that this George Wood is part of this family. The following is the only census entry which fits, but WOODs lived on either side of this address and do not seem to be entered as relations, but it looks as though they could be related. On the other hand our George could have died.
Dwelling: Carr Bridge St
Census Place: Horsforth, York, England
Source: FHL Film 1342035 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 4333 Folio 130 Page 19
George WOOD M 37 M Horsforth, York, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Stone Mason
Hannah WOOD M 32 F Seamer, York, England
Rel: Wife
Tom WOOD U 10 M Horsforth, York, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Scholar
Rosmand WOOD 8 F Horsforth, York, England
Rel: Daur
Occ: Scholar
George H. WOOD 6 M Horsforth, York, England
Rel: Son
James WOOD 2 M Horsforth, York, England
Rel: Son

Child 3: Alfred WOOD

Name: Alfred WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 1849 Beverley Parks

Child 4: Conah WOOD

Name: Conah WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 1850 Beverley Parks

Child 5: Jane Elizabeth WOOD


Spouse: John Israel BOOTH

Name: Jane Elizabeth WOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Israel BOOTH (1854-1921)
Birth 1852 Beverley Parks
She was given an age of 4 in the 1851 census and place of birth as Beverley Parks, then an age of 28 in the 1881.This would give dates of birth respectively as ca. 1847 and ca. 1853. However, in the 1901 census her age is given as 48.

An erroneous search of the St. Catherines index of births in 1844 and 1845 and the 1st quarter of 1846 does not reveal any Jane Elizabeth Wood born in Beverley Parks or anywhere else in Yorkshire other than one born in Knaresborough (vol. XXXIII page 420) so is this the on?. Need to search ca. 1852.
Death "1923 ?"

Child 6: Sarah Ann WOOD

Name: Sarah Ann WOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ezra HOLLIDAY (1853-1924)
Birth 27 Nov 1857 Beverley Parks
Death Morley
Death 13 Apr 1896 (age 38) Cross Hall, Morley

Child 7: Edward WOOD

Name: Edward WOOD
Sex: Male
Death 28 Mar 1930 Horsforth, Leeds

Child 8: Tom WOOD

Name: Tom WOOD
Sex: Male
Burial 17 Jan 1933 Rawdon

Child 9: Edmund WOOD

Name: Edmund WOOD
Sex: Male

Child 10: Walter WOOD

Name: Walter WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth 1859
Death 26 Feb 1861 (age 1-2) Knox, Bilton

Child 11: Lavinia WOOD

Name: Lavinia WOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Septimus HARRIS ( - )
Birth 1860 Horsforth

Child 12: Wilfred WOOD

Name: Wilfred WOOD
Sex: Male
Birth May 1865
Death 27 Feb 1867 (age 1) Knox, Bilton5

Note on Marriage

According to Gordon Booth he recollects that the "Rawdon" Woods included the William Wood b.1821 at Harrogate who married Phillis Exelby b.1823 at Grantley, Yorkshire, married 23 Jun 1842 at Harrogate. See the F274 family in the K&K tree of Holsdworth.

Note on Husband: William WOOD

Wood Family

By Susan Marshall (nee Wood) - - Feb 2012


Thomas Wood

B 1796 Bilton M Jane ?



William Wood

B 14.05.1820 Bilton Christening at Christchurch Harrogate 04.06.1820 M Phillis Exelby 12.06.1842 at High Harrogate


(Shown on the 1841 census both Thomas aged 45 & William aged 20 were working as bleachers in South Cave Beverley)The census must have been taken before his marriage to Phillis, and this would explain why the family on the next census were found in Beverley.

Note no mention of Jane died 1846 Beverley. also to check 1841 to see where phillis was).



1.Caroline Wood B 1843 Bilton

2.George Wood B 1845 Bilton

3.Jane Elizabeth Wood B 1847 Beverley

4.Alfred A Wood B 1849 Beverley

5.Cornelius Samuel Wood B 1851 Beverley


(Family shown on the 1851 census at Beverley Parks South Cave Beverley William aged 30, Phillis 28 working as bleachers.,George aged 6, Alfred A aged 2. Cornelius Samuel aged 7 months. Note Caroline died April 1846 in Beverley).



6.William Ashby Wood B 1853 Beverley

7.Edward Wood B 1855 Beverley

8.Louisa Wood B 1856 Beverley

9.Sarah Ann Wood B 1857 Beverley

10.Lavinia Wood B 1860 Beverley


(Family shown on the 1861 census in the ecclesiastical parish of Woodside sub district Horsforth civil parish Guiseley. Rawdon possible came under this area in the 1861. William aged 39, Phillis aged 37, George aged 16, Jane Elizabeth aged 14, Cornelius Samuel aged 10, William Ashby aged 8, Edward aged 6, Louisa aged 5, Sarah Ann aged 3 and Lavinia aged 1.Working as bleacher in Rawdon.

Note Alfred A missing from the census died to look up death date).

(Family shown on the 1871 census living at Knox Road Bilton High Harrogate. William aged 50, stating he was born in Spofforth?,Phillis aged 48, Louisa aged 15 and Lavinia aged 11.Working as bleachers

Note where was Sarah Ann aged 13 ? to check 1871 census and track down the rest of the children. George would be 26, possibly married, Jane Elizabeth 24 possibly married, Cornelius Samuel 20, William Ashby 18, Edward 16).

The census must have been done at the beginning of the year as William's death is shown in the summer months).

11. Walter Wood B 1859 died 1861 Knox

12. Wilfred Wood B 1865 died 1867 Knox


William Wood died in 1871 and was buried at Rawdon. Phillis Wood died in 1874 and was also buried at Rawdon on the 12.3.1874.


William Ashby Wood M Ruth Ann Lupton 1876 Rawdon



1. Ernest B 1879 (Horsforth)

2. Fred B 1881 (Horsforth)


(Family shown on the 1881 census living at the Mount Rawdon. working as Corn miller. William Ashby aged 28, Ruth Ann aged 21, Ernest aged 32, Fred aged 10 months).


(Family not shown on the 1891 census as the family were in Bessbrook Co Armagh).

I have a copy of my ancestor William Edward birth certificate showing birth place of Bessbrook and father an assistant bleacher at time of birth. Did Jane Elizabeth family (Booths) have any ties to the mill in Bessbrook?).



3.Gertrude J B 1883 (Rawdon)

4. William Edward B 25.7.1885 (Bessbrook)

5. Henrietta B 1889 (Bessbrook)

6.Herbert B 1891 (Bessbrook)

7.George Ashby B 1894 (Bessbrook)

8.Louis Arnold 1896 (Rawdon)



(Family shown on 1901 census living at Back Lane Rawdon and working as a bleacher. William Ashby aged 47, Ruth A aged 41. Gertrude aged 18, William Edward aged 15, Henrietta aged 12, Herbert aged 10, George Ashby aged 7, Louis Arnold aged 5).


(Family shown on the 1911 census living at 2 Far Wells Road Rawdon and working as a Yarn Bleacher Foreman at Low Mills. William Ashby aged 58, Ruth Ann aged 51, Henrietta aged 22 (General day girl), Herbert aged 20 (Farm hand cowman), George Ashby aged 17 (Gardner), Louis Arnold aged 15 (Farm hand cowman). Gertrude Jane aged 28 would possibly married to check. William Edward aged 26 working at Layton Hall Farm Rawdon as a Horseman living at the farm).


William Ashby died to check, Ruth ann died 1931.


William Edward M Violet Elizabeth Coates 26.12.1911 at Rawdon.


1. George B 1912 (Rawdon)

2. Kathleen B 1914 (Rawdon)

3.John B 1916 (Rawdon)

4. Stanley B 21.7.1918 (Rawdon)

5.Winifred F B 1925 (Rawdon)

6.Donald Patrick B1928 (Rawdon)

7. Marjorie l B 1929 (Rawdon)

8. Terence J B 1930 (Rawdon)


William Edward died 1957 Violet Elizabeth died 1973 at Rawdon.


Stanley Wood B 21.7.1918 M Agnes Mary Undy 23.8.1936 at Rawdon



1.Donald Patrick B 12.2.1937

2. Violet Elizabeth B 19.38

3. Kathleen Winifred B1941

4. Michael Stephen B 1943

5 William Herbert B 1947

6. Patricia Margaret B 1948

7. Dennis Frank B 1950

8. George Leslie B 1952

9. Philip Peter B 1954

10.Maurice Trevor B 1956


Stanley Wood was a Baker and served in WW2 he also worked for the Water Board. Later in life he was the Caretaker for Yeadon Cemetery.


Donald Patrick Wood B 12.2.1937 M 28.6.1958 Kathleen Hilary Flitton B 16.4.1940 at Yeadon Parish church. Donald was a Bookbinder and Guillotine Cutter for Lund Humphries. The family moved to Allerton Bradford in October 1959.


1. Susan Carol B 14.1.1959

2. Ian Gary B 16.3.1961

3. Graeme B 12.7.1962.

4.Jacqueline B 28.2.1964 D 31.8.1979

5. Nigel B 6.11.1968


Susan Carol Wood B 14.1.1959 M 21.7.1984 Philip Marshall B 11.3.1960 at Allerton


Ian Gary M Sandra Campbell B 23.1.1962 at Blackpool.


1. Carl Benjamin B 1963


Graeme & Donna McKee B 30.11.1962


1. Caroline Jackie McKee B 10.11.1997


Nigel M 27.6.1994 Lindsey Freer B 18.2.1967


1. James Harry B 1.7.1999

2.Patrick William B 17.9.2002


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2"Microfiche of burials and cremation remains, and memorial inscriptions.". Memorial inscription 213 - In remembrance of Walter Wood who departed.
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5"Microfiche of burials and cremation remains, and memorial inscriptions.". Memorial inscription 214 - In memory of Wilfred Wood who died February.