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Family of Richard M. JACK and Rebecca STEAD

Husband: Richard M. JACK (1866-1952)
Wife: Rebecca STEAD ( - )
Children: Doris JACK

Husband: Richard M. JACK

Name: Richard M. JACK
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: R.A.
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Feb 1866 Sunderland
Title R.A.
Education c. 1915 (age 48-49) Academie Julien; Paris, France
Occupation 1916 (age 49-50) The frist official 1st world war artist of Canada.
Misc 1920 (age 53-54) Royal College of Arts; Piccardilly, London
Immigration 1927 (age 60-61) to Canada
Education "pre 1916" Academie Julien; Paris, France
Living 1931 (age 64-65) Monteal, Canada
Death 9 Jun 1952 (age 86) Canada
Aged 87?

Wife: Rebecca STEAD

Name: Rebecca STEAD
Sex: Female
Father: John STEAD (c. 1828- )
Mother: Ada Jane FARRAR (c. 1840- )

Child 1: Doris JACK

Name: Doris JACK
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Victor WHITEHEAD

Note on Husband: Richard M. JACK

Famous portrait painter - Royal Academy. Moved to Canada and was the first official Canadian 1st World War artist. See