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Family of William Edmund BOOTH and Edith Alice THOMAS

Husband: William Edmund BOOTH (1879-1974)
Wife: Edith Alice THOMAS (1880-1973)
Children: Cyril Gordon BOOTH (1906-2003)
Edith Mary BOOTH (1910-1976)
Marriage 27 Apr 1904 Unitarian Chapel, Chapel Lane, Bradford
Lived at 6 Ashgrove, Bradford at time of marriage.

Husband: William Edmund BOOTH


William Edmund BOOTH

Name: William Edmund BOOTH
Sex: Male
Father: John Israel BOOTH (1854-1921)
Mother: Jane Elizabeth WOOD (1852- )
Birth 8 Dec 1879 Drighlington
Education 1890/91 (age 11-12) at The College, Churwell,; Leeds
Three of his letters and report form indicate that he was a boarder initially. This school was evidently known as "Haslam's" and he later went to "Blundell's" (called after the names of the school proprietors), both in Morley.
Residence 1904 (age 24-25) Gildersome
Later he lived at "The Towers", Barkston Ash, then at 66 Norton Road, Morcambe & Hesham, Lancashire, then "Whinfield", Burley-in-Wharfedale, then Harpenden, Hertfordshire.
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Gildersome
2 Hemingfield Villa, Gildersome
Death 7 Jan 1974 (age 94) Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Cremation St Albans

Wife: Edith Alice THOMAS


Edith Alice THOMAS

Name: Edith Alice THOMAS
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick William THOMAS (1857- )
Mother: Emma (1858- )
Birth 19 Dec 1880 Windhill (Shipley)
Death 8 Aug 1973 (age 92) Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Cremation St Albans

Child 1: Cyril Gordon BOOTH


Cyril Gordon BOOTH


Spouse: Phyllis Mary CHEESMAN

Name: Cyril Gordon BOOTH
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Mr.
Name Suffix: F.S.A.(Scotland)
Spouse: Phyllis Mary CHEESMAN (1908-2003)
Birth 22 Jul 1906 Gildersome, Leeds
Christening Aug 1906 (age 0) Gildersome Baptist Church
Residence btw 1906 and 1922 (age 0-16) Gildersome
Education btw 1913 and 1923 (age 6-17) Moravian Boys' School; Fulneck, Pudsey
Ca. 1930s - 40s was a school governor of Moravian Boys' School at Fulneck, Pudsey.
Residence btw 1922 and 1929 (age 15-23) Barkston Ash
Occupation btw 1923 and 1966 (age 16-60) Woollen Manufacturer; Booth Bros. (Drighlington) Ltd., Bradford
The family firm of Booth Bros. (Drighlington) Ltd., Bradford, was taken over by Troydale Industries Ltd. in 1960.
Military btw 1925 and 1930 (age 18-24) Tadcaster
Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in June 1925 in the 5th Battallion of the West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales' Own)(Teritorial Army).
Education 1927 (age 20-21) Leeds University, Department of Textile Industries; Leeds
Residence btw 1929 and 1943 (age 22-37) Gildersome
Widlfowler on the Humber Estuary and rough shooter in the 1930s - 1940s.
Military btw 1939 and 1945 (age 32-39) Morley, Nr Leeds, Yorkshire
During the 2nd World War he joined the Local Defence Volunteers in Morley, Nr Leeds, Yorkshire, and commanded 'A' Company of the 40th Battallion West Riding Home Guard.
Residence btw 1943 and 1945 (age 36-39) Sherburn-in-Elmet
Residence btw 1945 and 1947 (age 38-41) Church Fenton
Residence btw 1947 and 1951 (age 40-45) Barkston Ash
Residence btw 1951 and 1962 (age 44-56) Ilkley
Keen ornithologist and friend of Sir Peter Scott during the 1950's - 60's.
Confirmation 6 Apr 1962 (age 55) St Peter, Addingham
Residence btw 1962 and 1969 (age 55-63) Askwith, Otley
Retirement 1966 (age 59-60) Askwith, Otley
Residence btw 1969 and 1971 (age 62-65) Port Ellen, Isle of Islay
Residence btw 1971 and 1982 (age 64-76) Port Ellen, Isle of Islay
Elected 1975 (age 68-69) Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries; Scotland
Misc btw 1976 and 1979 (age 69-73) Founder and Chairman of the Islay Museums Trust; Museum of Islay Life, Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay
Managed the Museum of Islay Life, Port Charlotte, Isle of Islay whilst living on Islay, and became a trustee in 1983. Author of "Birds in Islay" 1975, "A Guide to Islay" 1982, "The Islay Woollen Mill Story" 1983, "An Islay Notebook" 1984, and various publications for Islay Museum.
Residence btw 1982 and 1985 (age 75-79) Bruichladdich, Isle of Islay
Residence btw 1985 and 1995 (age 78-89) Comrie, Perthshire
Residence btw 1995 and 2000 (age 88-94) Comrie, Perthshire
Author of local history booklets about Comrie.
Misc 24 Oct 1996 (age 90) H.M. the Queen Mother's Birthday Award for the Environment; Comrie, Perthshire
Residence btw 2000 and 2003 (age 93-97) Comrie, Perthshire
Title F.S.A.(Scotland)
Death 18 Nov 2003 (age 97) Dalginross House, Comrie, Perthshire
Obituary written for "The Ileach" on the Isle of Islay, 29 Nov 2003:

Gordon Booth (1906-2003)
Gordon Booth, who lived on Islay from 1969 to 1986 and who played a major part in the founding of the Museum of Islay Life as well as greatly improving our knowledge of the birds of the island, died last week aged 97. His wife, Phyllis, died last July. Both she and Gordon had retained good health well into their nineties in addition to sharing a marriage which lasted almost 74 years. Three close friends pay tribute.

Malcolm Ogilvie writes: I first got to know Gordon in 1961 when I joined the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust's research unit and was involved in monitoring Britain's goose populations. Gordon, a keen amateur birdwatcher, used to take time off from his family textile business in Yorkshire to help with goose censusing work in Scotland. By the time of his retirement, in 1966, he and his wife, Phyllis, were living in a delightful house in the Yorkshire Dales and Gordon was busy restoring a former smithy in the buildings alongside. Then in winter 1967-8, Gordon accompanied me to Islay for the first time, assisting with my goose count here. He was so struck by the island that, within a year, the house in Yorkshire had been sold and he and Phyllis had moved here.
Gordon's interest in birds and other wildlife soon led to him to Bobby Hodkinson, to whose shop visiting birdwatchers used to gravitate to learn of the latest sightings and to report their own. Gordon, with more time on his hands than Bobby, began to collect and collate all the bird records for the island and to systematically transfer them to an extensive card index file. At the same time, he recorded his own observations in meticulous detail. This culminated in the publication of his 'Birds in Islay' in 1975 (with a second edition in 1981). Like Bobby, Gordon was known to many visiting birdwatchers and was always interested in what they saw and ready with advice. When Jane Dawson founded the Islay Natural History Trust in 1984, Gordon, with typical generosity, passed over not just his invaluable card index, but a great many books, papers and other material which formed the basis of both the Trust's database of natural history records and its library.
At the end of 1985, he and Phyllis moved to Comrie in Perthshire, to be closer to their two daughters, but Gordon's interest in Islay never ceased and my regular visits to see them always ended with Gordon handing me a box of books, journals and other snippets which he thought would be of interest to either the Natural History Trust or the Museum of Islay Life.

Margot Perrons writes: Having met Gordon soon after moving here in 1978, I first got involved with the Museum in 1985 when Gordon persuaded me, not without difficulty, to join the committee. The creation of the Museum owes much to Gordon. Not long after getting to know Bobby Hodkinson, he joined the Islay Natural History and Antiquarian Society, one of whose much desired objectives was the creation of a museum on the island. Bobby, and others, had long been collecting objects and photographs against the day a suitable building could be found. Gordon gradually became ever more interested in the archaeology and history of Islay and by 1973 was a member of a working group actively looking for a building. The following year, the old church in Port Charlotte was identified as suitable and the necessary processes put in train to acquire and restore it. The Museum of Islay Life opened its doors to the public in summer 1977. Gordon's own, typically modest, account of how the Museum came into being can be found in the Museum's silver jubilee publication 'An Islay Miscellany' (2002). It is, however, no exaggeration to say that, without Gordon's energy, business knowledge and sheer commitment to the project, the Museum would not have come into existence when it did and, perhaps, might never have done.
Once the Museum was up and running, Gordon donated his considerable collection of Islay books and papers, which are now housed in the Gordon Booth Library, as well as a large number of photographs, including well over 1,000 colour slides. After he left the island the following year, he maintained the fullest interest, writing to me frequently and sending any Islay-related material that came his way, and continuing to advise on how the Museum should move forward and develop. Gordon retained a keen interest in Islay and, especially, in the Museum right to the last. Only a few months ago, he made a further donation of books and papers to the library. He will be much missed.

Gordon Covell writes: I first met Gordon Booth in 1981 when I arrived on Islay to work for the Islay Woollen Mill Co. In those days I was the manager working for the three business men who set the company up. Gordon and I both being Yorkshiremen, there was an immediate rapport and we became firm friends. After about a year I was given the opportunity to buy the business from the partners and had to raise the money to keep going on my own. At that point Gordon came to the rescue and became our partner in the mill.
He would come down on Saturday mornings and we would chat and talk textiles over cups of tea His encouragement and enthusiasm helped us through the first few years of business. When he left Islay, Sheila and I asked him to stay on as a Director. He remained a Director even though he gave up his shares in the business. His name is still on our letter heads and will remain so as long as we are in business.

Child 2: Edith Mary BOOTH


Edith Mary BOOTH


Spouse: Haydn BARROW

Name: Edith Mary BOOTH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Haydn BARROW (1910-1993)
Birth 28 May 1910
Death 31 Dec 1976 (age 66) Harpenden, Hertfordshire
Cremation St Albans

Note on Marriage

Lived at 2 Springfield Villas, Gildersome, Morley, Leeds, then The Towers,

Barkston Ash, Tadcaster, then at 66 Norton Road, Morcambe & Hesham, Lancashire,

then Whinfield, Burley-in-Wharfedale, then Harpenden.