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Family of John RISHWORTH and Elizabeth KIDD

Husband: John RISHWORTH (chr.1765, bur.1834)
Wife: Elizabeth KIDD (bur.1828)
Children: Mary Ann RISHWORTH (1812- )
William RUSHWORTH (chr.1812)
Marriage 24 Jan 1799 Ilkley

Husband: John RISHWORTH

Sex: Male
Father: John RUSHWORTH (chr.1731, d.1780)
Mother: Hannah HOLMES ( - )
Christening 1 Dec 1765 Ilkley
Burial 3 Sep 1834 Ilkley (aged 68)

Wife: Elizabeth KIDD

Name: Elizabeth KIDD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1774
Burial 25 Nov 1828 Ilkley (aged 54)

Child 1: Mary Ann RISHWORTH

Name: Mary Ann RISHWORTH
Sex: Female
Birth 1 Dec 1812
Christening 1 Dec 1812 (age 0) Ilkley?

Child 2: William RUSHWORTH

Name: William RUSHWORTH
Sex: Male
Christening 6 Dec 1812 Ilkley

Note on Marriage

Ilkley Par Reg marriage 1799 Jan 24 John Rushworth of this Par., ffarmer, &

Elizabeth Kidd of this Par., Spinst., by Banns. Witn: Geo Anderson & William



Bishops Transcripts, Ilkley 1813-1846:


No. 298 Burial. Elizabeth, Wife of John Rushworth, farmer, Nessfield, Nov. 25,

1828 aged 54.


No. 430 Burial. John Rishworth, Nessfield, Sep. 3, 1834, aged 68.

Note on Husband: John RISHWORTH

Ilkley Par Reg and "Ilkley:Ancient & Modern". Fairly certain that the book has

father and son death dates transposed, otherwise date errors in births occur.

But surely he would not have been classed as a carpenter when dying at the age

of 7yrs? The death date in the book was clearly that of his grandfather.


Not at all sure that this is the right John at the end of the line, but I think