The distribution of RUSHWORTHs in Britain in 1881
revealed by searches on the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) CDs
of the 1881 British Census.

2,689 persons in total with the surname of RUSHWORTH, and similar surnames (see note below) resided in Britain in 1881. They were distributed as follows:
2,037 in Yorkshire
421 in Lancashire
59 in London (Middlesex)
53 in Surrey
32 in Nottingham, 17 in Lincoln, 10 in Essex, 8 in Derbyshire, 8 in Durham, 6 in Cheshire, 5 in Cornwall, 5 in Hertford, 5 in Stafford, 4 in Montgomery, 3 in Devon, 3 in Southampton (Hampshire), 3 in Isle of Wight' 3 in Kent, 2 in Channel Isles (RICHWORTH), 2 in Norfolk, 2 in Somerset, 1 in Berkshire (RICHWORTH), 1 in Oxford, 1 in Warwick, 1 in the Navy (Royal Navy).

The figures seem to vary due to the type of searching. However, it is clear that Yorkshire is centre stage when searching for RUSHWORTH and related variations. Specific spelling searches in Yorkshire revealed 2,764 for R*SH*ORTH (* using wildcards), 1,864 for RUSHWORTH, 707 for RUSHFORTH, 175 for RISHWORTH, 7 for RISHFORTH, 3 for RICHWORTH. It should be noted though that there were some other names in some of the searches which may have been included, such as RUSHFIRTH, and RUSHERFORD.

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Created 10 October 1999